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ESG goals: We promote sustainability by setting ambitious goals that bring measurable results

Following our 3rd ESG Report issued in October 2022, our company, in collaboration with the Center for Sustainability and Excellence, has designed a new three-year ESG plan regarding our goals to promote sustainability in the areas of Environment, Society and Corporate Governance. 

Our plan until 2025 includes a series of ambitious goals, which were defined after a study and considering the initiatives that listed companies are required to implement under the new climate legislation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

As one of the 35 listed companies in the Athex ESG index of the Athens Stock Exchange, our commitments focus on the Pillars of Environment, Social Engagement and Corporate Governance, aiming at specific and fully measurable results.  

In detail, our commitments per Pillar until 2025: 


  • To reduce carbon emissions by 12% and become net zero carbon by 2030.  

  • To reduce by 10% our consumption of paper and aluminium scrap, with the aim of producing zero waste by 2030.  

  • To increase by 38% the use of renewable energy in our facilities. 

  • To promote the circular economy by introducing innovative and energy-efficient products. Step #1, all aluminium profiles for architectural use to consist of at least 60% recycled aluminium. 


  • To promote the vision and implement the goal of zero accidents at work. 

  • To develop initiatives contributing to the architectural and environmental upgrade of cities and local communities.  

  • To select all our suppliers based on ESG criteria, promoting a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain. 

  • To enhance the digital experience of customers through innovative applications. 

  • To support the development of our employees and partners through continuous training on sustainability and digital skills.  

Corporate Governance 

  • To be consistent in fully implementing the ESG Standards we have set. 

  • To increase the percentage of women on the Board and in management positions to 30%. 

  • To enhance transparency through the disclosure of annual ESG data and reports. 

Α comprehensive ESG plan until 2025 will be included in the new edition of our Sustainability Report, which details our Group's strategic plan and coordinated actions to enhance our positive footprint on the environment, society and corporate governance.   

Read more about ALUMIL's sustainable model here

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