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Fencing systems of top robustness and weather resistance, with clean lines and hidden fixing points that give a minimal aesthetic to any outdoor space.

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ALUMIL complements the fencing systems with SMARTIA FC10, a system with aluminium and Woodalux® louvers, placed vertically and creating a minimal result.
FC50 FC50
A complete fencing system of minimal design with a wide variety of louvers and gate option, which offers simple solutions for every need and aesthetics. The main characteristic is that the horizontal louvers are continuously attached on the mullions at one or both sides.
SMARTIA FC60 is a complete aluminum fencing system with the louvers of your choice (aluminum, Woodalux®) attached to the mullions, mainly on the outer side. 
SMARTIA FC80 is an advanced and multiform fencing system with a wide range of aluminum louvers and other decorative elements placed inlaid, between the mullions
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FAQs about Outdoor Solutions

Like any aluminium system, aluminium fences are highly durable and do not rust, given that they are constructed and installed correctly under normal conditions. They also require minimal maintenance and can be treated with various surface treatments to ensure longevity. Additionally, unlike other materials, aluminium fencing does not swell, crack, deform, or deteriorate over time.

Absolutely! There are various types of automation mechanisms that can be installed, suitable for both hinged and sliding patio doors. These mechanisms allow for remote opening and closing of the fencing door, providing convenient entry and exit for both vehicles and people, a feature with numerous benefits for daily use.

Despite their additional and decorative elements, our fences are aluminium systems, which require minimal maintenance due to the construction material's nature.