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A wide range of sliding aluminium windows and doors with exquisite aesthetics and minimal design. They optimise space, maximise natural light, and provide the flexibility to cover medium or large spans.

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Alumil Supreme
Lift and sliding system ideal for large openings, with impressive features such as high performance, great level of security and high aesthetics.
Alumil Supreme
Minimal thermally insulated sliding system, with a seamless appearance and impressive functionality thanks to magnetic technology.
Alumil Supreme
Minimal thermally insulated sliding system, ideal for very wide spans, enhancing natural illumination thanks to less visible aluminium frames.
SMARTIA M45000 is the non-insulated system for sliding & lifting sliding windows and doors with modern flat design. The system meets a wide range of needs using common profiles for the construction of simple sliding and lifting sliding typologies. Ideal solution for large spans and warmer climates.
Thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system of minimal design and high-performance, ideal for modern buildings emphasized on natural illumination.
M12500_lobby_indoor_correctionHD M12500 PHOS
Non-thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system, distinguished for its minimal design and less visible aluminium that maximizes natural illumination.
The next generation of advanced systems for minimal lift & slide and regular sliding doors. It meets the demanding requirements of contemporary residences for high thermal insulation and modern aesthetics.
s560-summer-home S560
A lift & sliding and simple sliding thermally insulated doors and windows system distinguished for its application versatility and the ability to cover wide spans.
s350-balcony-view S350
Modern and flexible thermally-insulated door and window sliding system, with clear design, ideal for renovation solutions, thanks to its ease of fabrication.
s440-lobby S440
Advanced thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system, which fits the best in extra high demanding energy  building performance.
m14600-indoor-living-room M14600
Non-thermal insulated sliding doors and windows system of fine design, offers high performance ideal for warmer climates.
m900-building M900
The smallest and lightest non-thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system, ideal solution for conventional constructions.
m9050-pool-view M9050
Non-thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system that is distinguished for its extremely low weight, curved design and low cost solutions.
m9200-hotel M9200
Sliding Non-thermally insulated sliding door system with curved aluminium frames for modern exterior appearance.
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FAQs about Windows & Doors

Absolutely! Sliding aluminium systems can be equipped with various types of automation mechanisms, allowing for electric opening and closing of the sliding door as well as locking. To find the right solution based on your specific needs, we recommend consulting with a specialist fabricator for more information. They can provide you with detailed guidance and help you choose the automation system that best suits your requirements.

Aluminium sliding systems offer a wide range of aesthetic options to fit your personal style and functional needs. From different typologies, colours, and treatments such as sublimation (offering the aesthetics of wood or other materials such as cement or copper in aluminium profiles) to special construction possibilities (on-floor, in-floor or totally concealed in-floor installation, covered with the floor finish) and minimal design options, the combinations are endless. You can choose options that offer functional upgrades, such as easy access or more natural lighting for a brighter and more comfortable space.

Aluminium systems are known for their durability and low-maintenance requirements. To keep your doors and windows looking their best, you should regularly clean them with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or solvents that can damage the finish. You should also lubricate the moving parts of your frames with a silicone-based lubricant to prevent wear and tear.

Aluminium windows are known for their strength and durability, which makes them a popular choice for homeowners concerned about security. While no system can guarantee absolute security against burglary, aluminium windows can offer increased protection compared to other materials. Anti-burglary certificates can provide an indication of the level of protection a frame can offer. It is recommended that you review all available anti-burglary certificates and discuss with your fabricator to determine the most appropriate system to meet your specific needs.