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Expert evaluation procedure and technical report

Alumil's expert evaluation procedure and technical report. Important clarifications for your home.

Important clarifications

ALUMIL, an aluminium extrusion company and producer of architectural aluminium systems, is cooperating extensively with dealers all over the country who purchase from ALUMIL aluminium profiles and accessories for architectural aluminium systems (e.g. windows, doors, railings, pergolas etc.). Following that, fabricators who are responsible for the fabrication and installation of the final product in the end user’s house, are purchasing from dealers the needed aluminium profiles and all related accessories (insulation materials, locking mechanisms, handles etc.).

It is noted that fabricators do not have a dependent relation with ALUMIL and act as independent entities. Depending on the level of cooperation that a fabricator has with the company in terms of technical and promotional support, he can be a close partner of ALUMIL, but this is not a prerequisite so as to purchase ALUMIL’s aluminium systems from a dealer. Therefore, in the context of free trade, ALUMIL’s aluminium profiles and accessories can be used by any aluminium fabricator, even by fabricators who only occasionally fabricate and install the company's systems. An exception to the conditions mentioned above are the premium products of the company with the brand name "SUPREME", which can be supplied only directly by ALUMIL and only by certified SUPREME partners.

When fabricating windows and doors or any other construction (e.g. pergola, fences, railings) with ALUMIL aluminium systems, the fabricator must strictly adhere to the technical instructions provided through the company's technical catalogs so as to ensure a proper result, according to the company’s specifications.

The appropriate system and typology, always in relation to the particularities of the residence (area, orientation, location of construction, construction details etc.), should always be selected in collaboration with the consultant of the project and the fabricator, so as to achieve the expected result.

The expert evaluation procedure

The expert evaluation is a service provided by ALUMIL for total support of end users in case they notice malfunctions, deficiencies or imperfections related to the fabrication and installation of ALUMIL products in their house.

The activation of the expert evaluation procedure by the end user indicates that the expected result was not delivered by the fabricator. In addition, the beginning of this particular process implies de facto that there is no consensus on the quality of the result, otherwise obviously the resolution of any differences between the end user and the fabricator would have been successful.

Through the expert evaluation, ALUMIL serves as a third party objective observer with high technical knowledge on the architectural systems it designs and produces. Specifically, ALUMIL undertakes to perform a technical report in which any construction errors are described in detail and all deficiencies and dysfunctions are identified, whether it is a window, a door, or any other construction which has been implemented with ALUMIL systems.

The technical report of ALUMIL can be used as a means of resolving any disagreements by demonstrating officially and objectively any fabrication errors. Moreover, if someone chooses to proceed to a judicial resolution of the conflict, the technical report can be used as an official document to support her/his position.

Attention: An expert evaluation is possible, as long as it is requested within two (2) years from the completion date of the project. After two (2) years from the completion date of the project, an expert evaluation is not possible. Please note that the date of the invoice that is issued by the fabricator for the windows and doors is considered as the completion date of the project.

Information about the fabricator who undertook the project

In order to activate the expert evaluation process, ALUMIL’s consultants have to be informed about the name of the fabricator or the company that undertook the project in which malfunctioning, deficiencies or imperfection issues have arisen. The fabricator's involvement is considered necessary for the effective arrangement of the problem, as he is directly responsible for his construction.

As soon as ALUMIL’s consultants receive the needed contact details about the fabricator who undertook the project, they immediately inform him about the expert evaluation request of his client and ask him to be present during the expert evaluation, on a certain date and time as agreed with the end user.

If the fabricator is unable to visit the customer's residence, the expert evaluation procedure is performed without his presence or alternatively a new, mutually agreed, date for the expert evaluation is arranged. It is emphasized that the expert evaluation can only be carried out if the fabricator assures that the work has been delivered and that there is no pending work to be done.

The technical report

ALUMIL's technical report may include the following:
  • Confirmation that the installed aluminium systems have indeed been fabricated with products of ALUMIL.
  • Identification of the specific series of ALUMIL’s products that were used in the project.
  • Confirmation regarding the correct operation and aesthetics of the aluminium systems and if the construction meets the specifications as defined by ALUMIL.
  • Confirmation on whether the applied accessories have been selected in accordance to the products presented on the technical catalogs of ALUMIL, or otherwise according to the recommended requirements as described by the company, meeting all quality standards.
  • Indication of any faults regarding machining and accessories.
It should be noted that:
  • ALUMIL, as a third party objective observer, is not by any means involved in the agreement made between the end user and the fabricator (e.g. invoicing issues, payment, financial issues in abeyance etc.).
  • The role of ALUMIL is purely advisory and focuses solely on the completion of the technical report. It is not the company’s responsibility to solve any problems between the end user and the fabricator.
  • The technical report of the expert evaluation does not oblige the fabricator for possible corrective interventions on the delivered constructions, but indicates with objective criteria any errors or deficiencies made during construction.
  • The technical report cannot include products or surface treatments (e.g. electrostatic paint, anodizing) that have not been produced/processed in the company’s production facilities. The same applies to special window & door frames, which have not been processed in ALUMIL's production facilities (e.g. curved, arched or sloping frames).
  • If the problem that has arisen is not related to a fabrication fault, but relates to the phenomenon of liquefaction, i.e. condensation, the company undertakes to inform the end user in detail on how the problem can be solved.
  • In any case, the fabricator who has undertaken the project is entirely responsible for the construction and installation of the window & door frames or any other aluminium system. If the installation of the systems is done by a specialized installer, i.e. construction and installation have not been carried out by the same person, then the sound fabrication of the aluminium systems is the fabricator's responsibility and the proper placement the system is the responsibility of the installer.

Cost of the expert evaluation service and request to start the procedure

The expert evaluation service provided by ALUMIL through its specialized engineers costs 200€ for buildings located in the mainland of Greece and 250€ for buildings located in islands. Of course, included in that cost is the delivery of the official technical report, which is drawn up after the expert evaluation visit.

After the application for an expert evaluation via telephone, e-mail or ALUMIL’s website, the applicant is informed about the cost of the requested expert evaluation. As long as the applicant wants to activate the procedure, she/he has to proceed with the bank deposit of the required amount on the provided bank account of ALUMIL and inform the company accordingly. Once the bank deposit is confirmed, a receipt is issued immediately and the expert evaluation process is activated. It is not possible to start the expert evaluation procedure, if the requested cost of the service has not been paid.

As aforementioned, the visit for the expert evaluation is carried out after communication with the technical consultants of the company and the coordination between all involved parties (end user, fabricator and engineer of ALUMIL), so as to arrange together the date and time of the visit on the end user’s residence so as to proceed to an expert evaluation.  Moreover, as mentioned above, although the fabricator's presence is considered significant, if not possible, the expert evaluation is carried out without him.

ALUMIL undertakes within a reasonable time, usually less than 15 days, to send the technical report of the expert evaluation to both the owner/end user and the fabricator/installer responsible for the project.

Important note:

In the exceptional case in which it is proved that a malfunction or an aesthetic defect is caused due to a mistake for which ALUMIL is responsible (e.g. a defective product), the entire cost of the expert evaluation is returned and the company undertakes the costs of providing the materials to repair the problem.