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Design Phase

Our experienced engineers, in cooperation with our Research & Development department, provide reliable solutions for projects in the design and/or the implementation phase and can fully respond to any need that may arise. The support provided by our company at every level of the design phase is aimed at the correct selection of aluminium systems for each project, providing bespoke solutions where necessary, and drafting technical specifications, compliance with which will lead to a complete and proper final result

Our technical support includes:

  • Analysis of architectural plans.
  • Proposal of solutions that fit with the architectural design.
  • Preparation of façade solutions and indicative implementation plans.
  • Submission of a detailed thermal transmittance table – Uw Reports.
  • Technical solutions for the building’s shell.
  • Exposition of construction details for the correct splicing of the frames with the other structural elements of the building.
  • Special solutions in cases of zero-energy buildings.
  • Proposed experienced fabricators for each project.
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