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Alumil Green Ambassadors: Our employees’ volunteer team

Alumil’s employees care for the environment, and they take initiatives in order to protect and promote it.

Through various actions and initiatives, such as reforestation, coastal cleanups, recycling programs and educational seminars, Green Ambassadors aim to reduce Alumil’s carbon footprint and mobilize the local community. The team is open to all our employees who share our love for the environment and the desire to make a difference, while encouraging collaboration and the development of new ideas for sustainable solutions.
Νέες ομάδες Green Ambassadors

New teams of Alumil Green Ambassadors within the Group

Apart from the team in Greece, additional teams have been created in Europe, Africa, and Asia


50+ initiatives and actions on a Group level

More than 50 actions have been carried out on a Group level to protect the environment

Collaborations with other groups

Partnership with other groups to combine resources, knowledge, and skills for increasing the impact of initiatives for the protection of the environment.

Our Actions

Tree planting

The Alumil Green Ambassadors team makes a substantial contribution to the protection and restoration of the environment, as well as the preservation of biodiversity.

The Green Ambassadors could not miss out on initiatives aiming to protect our forests. The team participates in tree planting activities, seeking to raise awareness on issues related to the country's forests and highlighting the crucial role their preservation plays in all our lives.

Green Initiatives at our facilities

One of the main goals of the Green Ambassadors is the adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices by Alumil’s employees. The team undertakes awareness campaigns and changes long-standing habits (e.g. eliminating plastic cups), significantly reducing the energy footprint and the company’s facilities.

Educational Sessions for Awareness

Educational Sessions for Awareness

The team frequently organizes educational webinars during their scheduled meetings, aiming to spread knowledge among members on issues related to sustainable practices in our daily lives, such as waste management, energy conservation, and the use of environmentally friendly products.


The team often organizes and participates in cleanup activities in areas where extensive littering occurs.

Any cleanup activity organized by the Alumil Green Ambassadors is open to anyone who wishes to contribute.


Christos Leventidis – Project Consultant

Christos Leventidis – Project Consultant

“As ALUMIL Green Ambassador, you have the opportunity to become part of the change that our planet needs. My participation in group actions led me to adopt environmentally friendly practices in my personal life as well."

Aliki Kapaiou – Employee Relations Consultant

Aliki Kapaiou – Employee Relations Consultant

"I am very happy to be a member of the ALUMIL volunteer team since I contribute to raising the awareness of our colleagues and our fellow human beings on environmental issues.”

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