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Loop 60: The first certified recycled aluminium in Greece for architectural system profiles

In a world marked by constant change and unprecedented climate challenges, the need for environmental preservation and responsible use of natural resources is imperative. To champion long-term sustainability, our company has embraced a green growth model, making systematic investments in sustainable practices that reduce our environmental footprint and conserve energy and raw materials. A standout achievement in our commitment to sustainability is the introduction of Loop 60

What is Loop 60? 

Loop 60 stands as the first certified recycled aluminium in Greece for architectural system profiles, composed of 60% recycled material. The advent of Loop 60 exemplifies our dedication to sustainable resource management, significantly contributing to energy conservation and a reduced environmental impact. 

This implementation followed a comprehensive analysis of technical prerequisites and diligent research into cutting-edge technologies, all geared towards producing high-quality recycled aluminium. The development of Loop 60 was rooted in a meticulous study, designed to offer a product marrying excellence with sustainability

The production and recycling processes of Loop 60 hold the esteemed "OK Recycled" certification, compliant with EN 15343 and ISO 14021 standards, delivering reliability and transparency regarding the recycled content. This certification, accredited by the National Accreditation System and issued by TÜV AUSTRIA, a leading global certification entity, underscores our unwavering commitment to transparent and consistent sustainable aluminium production and recycling. 

The "OK Recycled" certification we've earned represents both the pinnacle of our sustainable efforts and a resounding affirmation of our commitment to championing transparent sustainable practices in the realms of aluminium production and recycling. 

The Genesis of Loop 60 

Loop 60 is a testament to the applicability of the circular economy in the aluminium sector, where aluminium's 100% recyclability allows for perpetual recycling without any loss in efficiency or inherent properties. Our company's recent initiatives in sustainable development include the establishment of a state-of-the-art aluminium scrap sorting and processing facility in the Kilkis Industrial Area, a EUR 4.6 million investment completed in 2020. This facility ensures a highly efficient production, processing, and recycling line for premium-quality aluminium. 

Loop 60's environmental impact 

Loop 60 stands as an environmental game-changer, with several key advantages: 

  • 95% less energy consumption: Secondary aluminium production from recycled material consumes substantially less energy compared to primary production, achieving energy savings of up to 95%. This considerable difference in energy usage marks a pivotal step towards sustainability in the aluminium industry and environmental protection. 

  • 76% fewer carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions: Utilising Loop 60 significantly reduces emissions, cutting CO2 emissions by over 76% compared to the global average for primary aluminium production. This substantial disparity in greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage between primary and secondary aluminium production underscores the role of recycled aluminium as a linchpin in the circular economy and a sustainable solution for the metallurgy industry. 

The environmental benefits of Loop 60 aluminium systems 

Opting for aluminium systems made from Loop 60 significantly benefits the environment by: 

Energy savings: Reduced energy consumption. 

Decreased raw material extraction: Lower demand for raw materials. 

Waste reduction: Minimised waste generation. 

With Loop 60, we stride closer to fulfilling our mission of enhancing people's quality of life through high-quality, top-performance aluminium systems crafted with an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. 

Visit our product section to discover innovative solutions and products that seamlessly incorporate sustainability into your life and business. 

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