A Transdisciplinary Visionary Approach for a Sustainable Zero-Emission Research Hub & Museum in Gyaros Island, Cyclades, Greece.
ArXellence 3 is an architectural ideas competition that seeks a holistic and transdisciplinary approach from the participants to promote sustainable development and preserve historical memory. One of the competition's main objectives is to honor the thousands of political prisoners who suffered exile and torture on the island, punished for their political beliefs.

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The journey of ArXellence

The ArXellence architectural ideas competitions constitute a unique initiative by ALUMIL. They have become an institution that is part of the company’s ESG strategy. These competitions highlight the importance of architectural creation and the value of sustainable construction. They also underline the challenge of redesigning public space and the need to improve the quality of people's lives.

ArXellence 3 – The Idea

The new version of ArXellence is an international transdisciplinary architectural ideas competition that invites the global architectural community to submit their proposals for the creation of a water & energy self-sufficient Hub, which will help develop strategies for biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The 3 grand prizes of the competition will be awarded by jury vote and will be reflected as follows:
for the best transdisciplinary approach
1st Price
40.000 €
2nd Price
20.000 €
3rd Price
10.000 €
Honorable mentions
Endorsement & Co-organization
Strategic Partner
Grand Media Sponsor
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The story of ArXellence 2

ALUMIL's second architectural ideas competition was endorsed by the International Union of Architects (UIA). ArXellence 2 focused on the redesign of Thessaloniki’s western waterfront; this was a unique event in the history of Greek business. The redevelopment of the decaying western waterfront of the country's second-largest city was adopted as the best approach and identified with the "New European Bauhaus" objectives.

ArXellence 2 Official Book

Read the special edition of the final proposals submitted in the ArXellence 2 competition by architectural firms around the world.

ALUMIL's Vision

ALUMIL is one of the leading companies in the field of architectural aluminium systems worldwide.​Through its wide product portfolio and in line with the principles of sustainable development, the company seeks to improve the quality of people's lives by enhancing the performance of buildings.

Part of its corporate strategy is to reinforce the dialog within the architectural community on issues concerning the future of construction and sustainable design. ArXellence is an initiative that aims to stimulate discussion on critical issues of our time regarding the quality of the built environment and the principles of sustainability.

AEGEAS’ Purpose

AEGEAS is a non-profit civil company of the A.Martinos family that has been active in Greece since 2015 and implements actions in fields corresponding to those of the Athanasios and Marina Martinos Foundation. The Foundation and AEGEAS adopts programs and creates infrastructures to support society in the fields of Health, Education, Sports, Social Welfare, Religion, and Culture. AEGEAS' support for the ArXellence 3 international architectural competition demonstrates its vision to establish a sustainable future with respect for nature and humans.