Frequently Asked Questions

Arxellence 3 is an international transdisciplinary architectural IDEAS competition organized by ALUMIL and the Non-Profit Civil Company AEGEAS. It seeks a holistic approach for the creation of a Museum and a Sustainable Zero-Emission Research Hub on Gyaros Island, Cyclades, Greece, a place that represents a dark page of Greek history, as political prisoners suffered exile and torture there, punished for their political beliefs. The competition aims to enhance and preserve historical memory and promote sustainable development.

The Competition is open to teams -partnerships with at least one architect from all countries. Eligible architects must be entitled to practice architecture in their respective countries. Participants may be natural persons, legal entities, or partnerships of individuals. Multidisciplinary teams may participate on condition that they are headed/co-headed by an architect. Competitors of any other discipline can participate in any team.

Note: The Competition is not open to students.

The following persons shall not be allowed to participate in the Competition:

  • Jury Members
  • Technical Committee
  • Any person directly or indirectly associated with the Competition Sponsors or the Jury
The prizes for Arxellence 3 are: 1st prize of €40,000, 2nd prize of €20,000, 3rd prize of €10,000, and six honorable mentions

The list of documents provided to the participating teams includes:

  • Maps of Gyaros island
  • Aerial view of the site
  • Photographic documentation and plans & drawings of the buildings to be retained

Note: Competitors can use any satellite pictures downloaded via the internet. 

Entries will be evaluated based on the extent of their response to the competition requirements and, more specifically, to the following criteria, which are not listed in order of importance.

  • General impression and clarity of the overall concept
  • Compliance with the competition objectives
  • Preservation of the historical memory of the island’s past
  • Protection of the island’s biodiversity and natural resources
  • Innovation, originality, and creativity of the proposal
  • Potential of creating an identity
  • Relation to and integration with the surrounding area
  • Quality of spaces, composition of volumes, and architectural design
  • Contribution to sustainable development, environmental and social impact
  • Adequacy of proposed functions and their localization
  • Usability for users

The Jury may detail and expound the evaluation criteria during the evaluation process but cannot modify them or add new criteria.

The person who will upload the proposal must be an architect - duly licensed to practice architecture in their respective countries.

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