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Curtain Walls

Stick, structural and unitized curtain wall systems of high aesthetics and unlimited possibilities in architectural applications, maximising natural lighting and creating a comfortable living or working environment.

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M50-IMG_3074 M50
SMARTIA M50 is a complete system for curtain walls with high energy efficiency, which offers infinite design
possibilities and meets every requirement
of contemporary architecture.
M7-IMG_1603 M7
SMARTIA M7 is a complete system for high energy efficiency curtain walls, which offers quality constructions in affordable prices and fully meets all stability and safety requirements.
SMARTIA M35 is a “value for money” curtain wall system which ideally combines aestetics and high performances.
M6-IMG_1701 M6
SMARTIA M6 is a complete insulated system for curtain walls, which is ideal for sturdy constructions and can meet effectively all architectural requirements, as for example the creation of large frames.
M65 M65
SMARTIA M65 is a unitized curtain wall system ideal for high-rise buildings, which provides freedom in architectural design. The construction of the building's envelope is done by assembling big panels consisted of many glass frames, either structural or with visible aluminium covers
SMARTIA M78 is a cost efficient unitized curtain wall, which combines minimal aestethics with structural robustness. Its Structural  Silicone Glazing construction offers maximum transparency at the external surface of the façade.
M4-MG_5985 M4
M4 is a thermal insulated system for structural curtain walls with hanging frames (stick type) for faster installation
IMG_2367-m3 M3
M3 is a thermal insulated system for semi-structural curtain walls with hanging frames (stick type) for faster installation
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