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Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Create an exclusive oasis steps away from your doorstep, embracing the beauty of nature in your sanctuary. Explore a diverse array of outdoor solutions designed to elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor space and your way of life.

Create an exclusive oasis steps away from your doorstep, embracing the beauty of nature in your sanctuary. Explore a diverse array of outdoor solutions designed to elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor space and your way of life.

Unveil the advantages of our outdoor systems

Year-Round Comfort and Luxury

Year-Round Comfort and Luxury

Revamping your home's exterior doesn’t just elevate its visual appeal; it expands your living space while enhancing comfort year-round. Our solutions provide an aesthetic upgrade and effective protection against diverse weather conditions, bolstered security, and unparalleled comfort, ensuring an ideal living environment regardless of the season.
Exceptional Longevity

Exceptional Longevity

Withstanding harsh weather year-round demands robust durability in outdoor systems. Our premium materials – aluminium, high-strength timber, composite materials, and stone – ensure superior protection against UV radiation, moisture, and mould.

Meticulous installation guarantees precise assembly, optimal watertightness, and adequate ventilation for these external structures, contributing significantly to their enduring lifespan. Opting for the right materials and techniques transforms exterior structures into enduring investments, enhancing the value of any property type.  

Elevated Aesthetics

Meticulously designed and expertly installed exterior structures define captivating spaces with unparalleled aesthetics. Achieve a harmonious blend of materials and styles, fostering visual intrigue through a fusion of decorative elements and vibrant hues. Lush greenery, LED lighting, and the interplay of natural and artificial elements elevate your outdoor space, ensuring its allure day and night across all seasons. 
Craft your earthly paradise with our premium systems, boasting unmatched quality and stunning aesthetics. Explore our range of:

Quick Answers to Common Queries

Pergolas can be built using different materials like aluminium, wood, or iron. However, aluminium is considered the best material for pergolas due to its low maintenance requirements, versatility in incorporating additional elements, range of customisation options, scalability to meet various needs, sleek design with attention to detail, and bioclimatic adaptability.

This innovative design prioritises thermal and visual comfort conditions using passive cooling and heating systems to create an optimal environment. Alumil's bioclimatic pergolas are designed with this in mind, incorporating adjustable movable louvers and additional features like glass sliding and shutter systems, vertical shading screens (ZIP), LED lighting, and more, all of which provide precise control over the internal environment. With a bioclimatic pergola from Alumil, you can enjoy a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space all year round.

Like any aluminium system, aluminium fences are highly durable and do not rust, given that they are constructed and installed correctly under normal conditions. They also require minimal maintenance and can be treated with various surface treatments to ensure longevity. Additionally, unlike other materials, aluminium fencing does not swell, crack, deform, or deteriorate over time.

Despite their additional and decorative elements, our fences are aluminium systems, which require minimal maintenance due to the nature of the construction material. 

Regarding the security of aluminium shutters, it's important to understand that their primary function is to provide shade, not to act as a security measure. However, they can still slow down a potential break-in attempt. Adding locks or slides to the shading system can also serve as a deterrent.

“Safety” refers to the level of protection provided to people in the area. Whether balcony or internal staircase railings, our solutions offer exceptional security. Our systems are known for their sturdy profiles and connections, which remain intact even in coastal areas since aluminium doesn't corrode.

Aluminium railings offer numerous design solutions that cater to different preferences. The options are limitless, from traditional to modern minimalist railings, railings with horizontal or vertical bars, and railings that hold glass panes. Our network of skilled manufacturers possesses the expertise and experience to recommend the ideal solution for your space.

If you're a proud owner of an Alumil pergola, you'll be pleased to know that these structures require very little maintenance thanks to their robust aluminium construction. However, it's important to note that any additional built-in components, such as glazing, lighting, sound, heating, and automation systems, may require maintenance at some point. To ensure proper upkeep of these components, it's best to consult with the fabricator and learn about their specific maintenance needs. 

Suppose additional elements are selected and installed on the pergola, such as glazing and shutter systems, vertical shading (ZIP) screens, etc. In that case, we can largely control privacy and meet specific needs.

Absolutely! Various automation mechanisms can be installed, suitable for hinged and sliding patio doors. These mechanisms allow for remote opening and closing of the fencing door, providing convenient entry and exit for vehicles and people, a feature with numerous benefits for daily use.

Several factors must be considered when deciding between a rolling shutter and a shutter. Shutter options include hinged or sliding types, with a frame surrounding their slats. Hinged shutters require free space to open, while sliding shutters require free wall space for sliding. Rolling shutters, which come in top-mounted or outer box configurations, don't require extra space and are usually operated by a belt. Larger rolling shutters can also be fitted with an electric motor for convenience. 

It's important to note that when it comes to safety, shutters have an advantage over rolling shutter boxes due to their more robust frame supporting the slats. However, other considerations, such as space availability and ease of operation, should also be considered when deciding.

Maintaining aluminium shutters is relatively easy due to the durability of the material.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your preferences and the advice of specialist decorators and/or architects. However, it's important to note that the process of colouring aluminium involves four different types, each with its benefits and considerations.