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Open Innovation

Collaboration with innovative entrepreneurs and researchers

Have you developed an innovation that could engage our attention? Do you have a proposal regarding a partnership that would contribute to ALUMIL’s vision for “Construction Excellence” through the development of a successful product, the improvement of a technique or other type of process, a new business model?

We are open to new ideas!


This open call is for you, if you belong to one of the categories listed below:

  • New and innovative corporations that will intrigue us with their ideas or application and their success, business approach or personnel.
  • Researchers who can deliver mature and commercially viable technologies.
  • Researchers with detailed proposals for co-funded investment projects.
  • Organizations that operate successfully in the field of innovation ecosystems.


Before contacting us, please consider the following:

  • We will examine all the collaboration proposals. However, it is important to clarify that, even ideas with great potential may not be compatible with the development strategy and of our company. ALUMIL will respond only to the proposals for which there will be initial interest.
  • For the purposes of this Open Call, any information disclosed to ALUMIL will not be considered confidential or exclusive. The exchange of confidential information requires the conclusion of a written agreement.

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