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At Alumil, we are building excellence every day. Modern production facilities and strict quality controls ensure the creation of superior quality products with high added value. Having one of the most modern Research & Development departments, we can offer unique solutions with innovative and advanced features that meet the needs of our customers and can be fully adapted to them.  

Innovating for more than 30 years, we have managed to be at the global forefront and to be one of the largest Greek multinational companies. Thus, today we have more than 2,200 employees with high expertise and passion for excellent results, allowing us to play a leading role in the design and production of architectural systems. We have 12 factories in Europe, distinguished by their state-of-the-art production lines. 

Because Alumil's high-quality systems bring 30 years of experience, know-how, and passion. After all, as our motto declares, we are building excellence every day, offering solutions in products that provide: 

  • High aesthetics according to the latest architectural trends. 

  • Energy efficiency through advanced thermally insulated aluminium systems as well as shading systems. 

  • High level of security against burglary, vandalism, fire, smoke, and earthquakes. 

  • Protection even in extreme weather conditions. 

  • Various solutions for persons with disabilities. 

  • Renewable energy solutions through the integration of photovoltaic systems in building components. 

We produce architectural aluminium systems for doors, windows, curtain walls, as well as products ideal for exteriors, thus offering a variety of complete solutions for your home, cottage, or workplace.  

We offer solutions that cover every need. For instance, our solutions include:  

  • Hinged systems for doors & windows 

  • Sliding systems for doors & windows 

  • Shutters & rolling shutter systems  

  • Systems for folding doors 

  • Entrance doors  

  • Fire-rated doors & heavy duty doors 

  • Curtain walls & building facades 

  • Interior partitions 

  • Shading systems 

  • Facade cladding systems  

  • Systems for patios & greenhouses 

  • Customized systems for windows and curtain walls  

  • Polycarbonate sheets 

  • Railings  

  • Pergolas  

  • Flooring systems  

  • Photovoltaic systems integrated into building components (BIPV) 

  • Photovoltaic panel support bases 

At Alumil, we produce aluminium profiles, accessories, and all those necessary products needed for a frame (except for glazing), but we do not undertake the fabrication and installation of the frame. For this reason, we cannot offer sales prices for the products. You can search for your nearest aluminium system fabricator through our network of partners, who will help you choose the right aluminium frames and provide you with a quote based on your needs. 
Alumil was founded in 1988 by its current shareholders (the Milonas family) after their withdrawal from the "Aluminium Industry of Northern Greece," which was also active in the production of aluminium profiles. In March of the same year, the construction of its industrial facilities began in the Industrial Area of Stavrochori, Kilkis. Despite the economic recession faced by our country, we remain a purely Greek company that employs over 900 people in Greece, with a successful track record of continuous growth and long-term vision while always looking to the future with optimism. Our successful course is confirmed by our presence in over 60 countries. The world's love for Alumil's top aluminium systems has allowed us to operate in every corner of the world, from the largest and most imposing buildings to the offices of leading companies and modern architectural creations. For every home that chooses Alumil, we take pride in bringing light, security, and warmth to your space. Our best projects worldwide are an inspiration to the architectural world and beyond! 
If you would like to work with us, you can find available jobs in the relevant section on our website and submit your application. The success of our company comes from its employees. That is why Alumil remains a people-oriented company, looking for new ideas and employees with passion. 
If you need further assistance and/or information from Alumil, we will be happy to be at your disposal. You can fill in the interest form or contact us by phone using the numbers we provide on our website. 

Part of our corporate philosophy and culture is the utmost respect towards nature, as well as the development and production of environmentally friendly products. These values ranked us among the 25 companies listed as  "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020" based on the data of the Sustainable Development Report presented in 2019. Our modern systems receive the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, a validated and registered statement, internationally recognized, providing transparent, quantified, and comparable data on a product's life cycle and environmental impact. Its main objective is to provide reliable, comparable, and verified information on the environmental footprint of products, covering their entire life cycle. 

The term "life cycle of a product" (LCA) refers to the raw materials required, their packaging and transport to the production site, the production process of the product itself, its distribution to the customer network, and finally, its application. 

Aluminium is 100% recycled (!) and is rightly described as a "green" metal. Aluminium, when recycled, can be easily separated from other materials without high costs. Moreover, recycling can be repeated indefinitely, producing a metal with properties comparable to those of primary aluminium. Lastly, the production of metal from the remelting of used and scrap aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary metal (that is made from bauxite). 

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