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Pergolas with fixed blinds for effective shading during the summer months and bioclimatic pergolas with rotating blinds that offer controlled living conditions all year round and effective protection from adverse weather conditions.

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A pergola system that is ideal for single, medium-sized pergola constructions, which embrace the bioclimatic philosophy and convert an outdoor space into a place of comfortable living experience. 
PG120F_Creta_on_wall_HD PG120F
A complete pergola system with fixed louvers for sufficient shading that upgrades the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Characterised by a wide range of elegant solutions and categorised in four (4) basic models, the minimal "Creta", the modern "Corfu", the traditional "Naxos" and the water-sealed "KOS"
Pergola system with rotating louvers for adjustable solar shading and total rain protection, ideal for converting an open-air space into a cozy and enjoyable place to live. MYKONOS embraces the bioclimatic technology and guarantees controlled living conditions offering minimal and elegant structures, up to 6.2 x 4.5 m.
A multiple structures, high aesthetics bioclimatic pergola with motorized rotating louvers for solar shading & rain protection
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FAQs about Outdoor Solutions

Pergolas can be built using different materials like aluminium, wood, or iron. However, aluminium is considered the best material for pergolas due to its low maintenance requirements, versatility in incorporating additional elements, a range of customization options, scalability to meet various needs, sleek design with attention to detail, and bioclimatic adaptability.

If you're a proud owner of an Alumil pergola, you'll be pleased to know that these structures require very little maintenance thanks to their robust aluminium construction. However, it's important to note that any additional built-in components such as glazing, lighting, sound, heating, and automation systems may require maintenance at some point. To ensure proper upkeep of these components, it's best to consult with the fabricator and learn about their specific maintenance needs. 

This innovative design prioritizes thermal and visual comfort conditions using passive cooling and heating systems to create an optimal environment. Alumil's bioclimatic pergolas are designed with this in mind, incorporating adjustable movable louvers and additional features like glass sliding and shutter systems, vertical shading screens (ZIP), LED lighting, and more, all of which provide precise control over the internal environment. With a bioclimatic pergola from Alumil, you can enjoy an outdoor living space that's comfortable and inviting all year round.

If additional elements are selected and installed on the pergola, such as glazing and shutter systems, vertical shading (ZIP) screens, etc., then we can largely control privacy and meet specific required needs.