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3rd ESG Report: We continue on our path to sustainability.

Download the ESG Report 2021 and learn about our efforts to ensure a better future for younger generations. 

The values of sustainability and circular economy are at the heart of our business strategy. With the basic principle that the earth is our home and with a vision for younger generations to inherit a place where they can live and create as they dream, we choose the path of sustainable development, investing in "green" actions that contribute to the environment’s protection.

The publication of our third consecutive ESG Report is an act of responsibility towards our stakeholders, with whom we seek to build relationships based on transparency, a non-negotiable value for us and core to our business ethics. The ESG Report 2021 aims to provide all our stakeholders with detailed information about our actions on environmental, corporate governance and social responsibility issues.

Download the ESG Report and review everything we did in 2021 for our people, society and the environment.


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