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ΑLUMIL People: Our People, Our Strength

The exceptional operation of our company is thanks to its people. We sharpen the knowledge and skills of our employees and provide a friendly working environment.

Our people offer their knowledge and passion (meraki) for what they do, and they are part of the big ALUMIL family. We always operate in a meritocratic way, without any form of discrimination, while we seek for their continuous development and make sure that we create conditions in which they can develop both personally and professionally.

74% increase of women in 2021

We increased by 74% the number of women in the company in 2021, providing equal opportunities regardless of gender.

24% increase of educational programs

We increased by 24% the number of educational programs in order to sharpen the skills of our employees.

Digitalization of 10 internal processes

We have digitalized 10 of our internal processes, improving the company’s internal communication.

Our Actions

Career guidance seminars

In Alumil, we care for the wellness not only of our employees but also of their families. Thus, from 2018 we organize comprehensive career guidance seminars for our employees’ children. 

The seminars, which are attended by parents and children (aged 15-17), provide information about all the career prospects and the respective challenges.
Wellness and physical health

Wellness and physical health

Wellness and physical health are key for a smoother everyday life. For that reason, we often conduct classes and seminars (such as Pilates, Mindfulness, Gyrokinesis) for our employees who aim at their physical and mental empowerment.
Staff awareness on COVID-19

Staff awareness on COVID-19

We ensure the proper awareness of our staff on the coronavirus pandemic and the ways to protect against COVID-19. 

We organize one-day seminars on new developments in relation to the virus and the health protocols, we send safe conduct guidelines in our facilities and we equip our spaces with innovative protection devices against transmission (e.g. Smart Gate & STERIAL Air Purifier).
Health and safety at the workplace

Health and safety at the workplace

We prioritize the health and safety of our people and we address these issues practically, through the Management System application, aiming to raise awareness and engage all our employees in active participation.

As mentioned in the published Sustainability Report in 2020, ALUMIL Health and Safety Management System complies with the requirements of the international standard BSOHSAS 18001:2007.

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