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SMARTIA M8200: Discover the new robust bases for easy installation

SMARTIA M8200 is a vertical support system for glass railings combining modern aesthetics and robustness. Recently, we developed two new bases for this railing system, M8217 and M8219.

The competitive advantage of the new bases of M8200 is their ability to be mounted on the edge of the balcony, without the risk to damage the edge of the floor by the anchor screw. This is because the new bases integrate a special wing that allows screwing not so close to the edge of the floor. In this way, besides saving more space on the inside of the balcony, an aesthetically upgraded result is achieved thanks to the placement of the railing right on the balcony’s edge, without compromising durability and safety.

Regarding glazing installation, the M8217 is compatible with a glass thickness of 8 + 8 & 10 + 10mm (triplex securit), while the M8219 is respectively compatible with a glass thickness of 12 + 12mm, being the most robust and durable solution of the M8200 series.

The two new bases can be mounted either on their own with the supporting wing visible (i.e. unconcealed) or hidden by partly covering it (e.g. lightweight concrete, tiles etc.) in combination with a special decorative profile to cover the joint. In conclusion, we should mention that the two new railing bases have been certified for horizontal load and wind load resistance against very high wind loads by the world-renowned institute ift Rosenheim.

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