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Bioclimatic Pergolas with advanced equipment for… 4 season use!

ALUMIL’s bioclimatic pergolas enrich the use of a building, by extending it to the exterior environment.  Moreover, through their additional equipment which increases comfort and functionality, high quality living conditions are assured.

Discover the five (5) extra equipment systems, that can upgrade drastically the overall capabilities of our excellent bioclimatic pergolas:

  • Weather condition sensors

Our bioclimatic pergolas provide the opportunity to integrate smart house installations, such as rain, wind, and light sensors. These sensors can detect any weather change and open or close the rotating louvers, according to the desired protection.

  • Vertical shading screens or aluminium shutters

You have the option to add a vertical rolling shading fabric (ZIP-screen) or sliding shutters in any side of the pergola you prefer. In this way, effective shading is assured, especially during sunrise and sunset. Moreover, additional privacy is granted, by restricting visibility to those outside the pergola.

  • LED lights

You can apply LED lights into the columns or to the louvers. Thus, even during night there is sufficient light under the pergola, making its use possible 24/7. Moreover, the modern design of the LED lights upgrades the overall aesthetics, creating an exceptional atmosphere during nighttime.

  • Heating systems

Pergolas are most of the times perceived as objects connected to summer and high temperatures. However, the addition of heating devices could transform the space below the pergola, into a welcoming place even during wintertime and low temperatures. Thus, the bioclimatic pergola is transformed into an all year-round solution under various weather conditions.

  • Sliding glass system

As part of a holistic bioclimatic design, it is possible to integrate a sturdy and highly functional glass sliding system along the desired sides of the pergola, protecting users from adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds. In combination with the heating devices, the use of the pergola during the winter becomes a unique experience. In addition, thanks to the very thin profiles and the absolute minimal design users can enjoy views with unrestricted sightlines.

All above extra equipment solutions expand the possibilities of our bioclimatic pergolas and offer multiple options for the most efficient utilization of outdoor spaces, assuring unique and relaxing moments.

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