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Quattro Towers project

The new impressive building complex “Quattro Towers” is part of the new ambitious construction plan of the historic city Erbil in Iraq. It consists of four interconnected skyscrapers with a height of 116 m and will cover mainly residential needs. Being one of the most impressive projects in the surrounding area, it is definitely a landmark at the heart of the city.

All apartments follow modern architectural trends and incorporate a very sophisticated design. The buildings were “sealed” with the very successful lift & slide system SMARTIA S560 and the aesthetically exceptional curtain wall system SMARTIA M7. In addition, the advanced system for glass railings SMARTIA M8200 was installed on all balconies of the building complex. The main target was to select architectural aluminium systems that offer ease of construction and installation, meeting all static and safety requirements and at the same time provide excellent aesthetics.

ALUMIL is exporting innovative architectural aluminum systems in over 60 countries across all continents, covering from the simplest to the most demanding needs. Undertaking this particular project confirms once again the superiority and the worldwide recognition of ALUMIL's products, which incorporate high know-how based on a 30-year international experience.
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