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Park 11

The modern way of living in an urban environment requires – apart from highly functional and safe residences – the creation of open external spaces where people will pass their time and socialize. The construction of Park 11 in Belgrade is based on these values and highlights them in the best possible way.  

The architectural and construction company Energoproject undertook the design and emphasized the quality of living that the project can offer. Thus, we find many trees, a playground, and an impressive fountain on the exterior, creating a particularly friendly landscape for people’s daily life.  

This harmony continues through the main building volume. The apartments are in line with the highest standards of design and functionality. The contribution of the two sophisticated aluminum systems (hinged and lift and slide), which provide high levels of thermal insulation and water/airtightness while making the project stand out with their modern, minimal appearance, is critical. In addition, the highly energy-efficient curtain wall system keeps the performance bar high, offering the necessary robustness.  

If you want to learn more about ALUMIL’s systems SMARTIA S77, SUPREME S700 and SMARTIA M50, used in Park 11, visit each product page and find what suits you best. 

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