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SMARTIA MF65 Review: A High-Quality Thermally Insulated Folding Door System

SMARTIA MF65, the new folding door system by ALUMIL, is not only a high-performance system but is also appealing to the eye. If you are looking for one of the most impressive folding door systems on the market, then look no further than SMARTIA MF65. It can be adapted to any space with its minimal design and thin aluminium profiles that bring modern aesthetics and support up to 140 kg per vent. In addition, its reinforced construction provides burglar protection and at the same time, its high-quality materials result in both high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs in the long run.

Top Thermal Insulation

When it comes to energy efficiency, thermal insulation is essential to preserve your project’s  overall value and maintain a comfortable temperature level throughout. SMARTIA MF65 folding door system increases energy efficiency and cost-saving, thanks to the top thermal insulation performance (up to Uw=1.1 W/m2K).



Minimal Style that Stands Out

You can integrate SMARTIA MF65 into your minimalistic design without compromising on robustness or aesthetics. The slightly visible aluminium sightlines add a nice visual quality in terms of the connection with the exterior and will only improve the aesthetics in the long run, elevating the overall style of your space.

Embrace Natural Light

The design of SMARTIA MF65 folding door system is all about maximizing the natural light into your space, offering slim sightlines (88 mm aluminium face width, sash to sash). If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to keep your space bright, MF65 is an ideal choice. ALUMIL’s new folding door system is particularly attractive, with a modern design that is pleasing to both your eyes and your energy bill, contributing to better living conditions.



Spectacular Performance at All Fronts

The system achieves top performance in terms of air permeability (class 3), watertightness (8A) and wind load resistance (class 2), offering an all-around reliable solution. Also, MF65 provides enhanced levels of burglary protection, with quadruple latches, 3-point locking and a special anti-lift mechanism. It is worth noting that the reinforced construction of SMARTIA MF65 allows it to carry a maximum weight of up to 140 Kg per vent, guarantying maximum durability and allowing robust large constructions (up to 1.3m width or up to 3m height).

A Folding Door System that Raises the Bar

SMARTIA MF65 sets a new standard for thermally insulated folding door systems. Whether you want to install a new one or upgrade an existing system, SMARTIA MF65 is a magnificent solution. Its top performance and unmatched aesthetic appeal, tick all boxes!

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