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AlumilCal Tips n’ Tricks: We broaden the knowledge of our partners

In ALUMIL, we are “building excellence every day” and this is not just a motto. This phrase has been spread in every aspect of ALUMIL Group and constitutes one of the main pillars in our corporate culture. In this sense, we are constantly trying to enhance the skills of our partners, providing them with all the useful information, to improve the quality of their projects. In order to achieve this, we have created a series of online seminars with several topics. Recently, we launched a new series of seminars, titled "AlumilCal Tips n’ Tricks"!

What is “AlumilCal Tips n’ Tricks”?

It is a series of seven webinars and their topic is ALUMIL’s advanced software AlumilCal, which is specially designed for processing, production and costing of frames. This 7-part webinar series is created for those ALUMIL’s fabricators that want to receive more information about the innovative software, taking advantage of its wide variety of features.


Which are the topics of the seven webinars?

The seven webinars are designed by the professionals of ALUMIL Academy, in order – in just 20 minutes -  to give all the useful information to the participants, in a simple and comprehensible way. Each webinar covers a different subject, so that at the end of the series, the people that participated could have a clear idea about the software and its correct use. The sections are:


  • 1st  Webinar – Quick and easy construction of windows
  • 2nd Webinar – Quick and easy construction of doors
  • 3rd Webinar – Construction of ALUMIL’s system SUPREME S700 (corner, monorail, fly screen)
  • 4th Webinar – Quick and easy construction of curtain walls  
  • 5th Webinar – Your reports in AlumilCal
  • 6th Webinar – Project estimation with AlumilCal, Part 1
  • 7th Webinar – Project estimation with AlumilCal, Part 2


Constant training – Top constructions

The series of the 7 online seminars about AlumilCal software and its wide range of capabilities is part of ALUMIL’s general philosophy of improving its partners, helping them to create projects that stand out for their top quality and smooth functionality. The constantly updated webinars by ALUMIL Academy, underline our goal to broaden the technical knowledge of our fabricators. By helping them to complete exceptional constructions, we ensure that the final customer receives a flawless product that will cover his/her needs and demands.

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