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ALUMIL unlocks Da Vinci code in Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv is a modern city that never sleeps. The project “Da Vinci”, a 3 building complex – 2 skyscrapers and a 9-floor basement structure - that takes its name from the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, is a project that incorporates all the characteristics of the city, but at the same time has the vision to achieve more and overpass all the previous large scale constructions, inspired by Leonardo’s innovative spirit and inventive power.

Located near the city’s business and entertainment center, Da Vinci stands out for its innovative design. Thanks to the building’s position near central streets, such as Ayalon Highway and Namir, it inevitably becomes the focal point of the area, due to its size and spectacular style. In the lower level of the construction, we find 9 floors ready for retail spaces and offices, located around a beautiful courtyard that creates the perfect atmosphere for commercial use. On top of the 9 floor lower structure, there is a roof garden that provides a great view to the city and additionally offers spaces to relax, including an impressive glass swimming pool. The two towers, 42 floors each, will house 412 apartments, that will be characterized by luxury and comfort.

The interior of the apartments will follow the exterior lines, expressing the vision of Yashar Architects that designed the building. Their vision combines harmonious functionality, aesthetical excellence, and an incomparable living experience. Following this approach, the complex is designed with straight lines, serving simultaneously prestige and comfort. Moreover, the connection of the two towers through the 9-floor lower construction and the surrounding spaces, give emphasis on a quality driven way of life.

ALUMIL is a significant part of this outstanding project and equips the building complex with a customized aluminium sliding system that was created exclusively for Da Vinci to meet its high-performance standards and design requirements. ALUMIL’s customized aluminium system, contributes to the successful completion of Da Vinci with quality, style and high-performance levels.

Once again, ALUMIL proves through its International Projects Department, that the projects in which the company is involved know no borders. The experience in architectural aluminium systems, the technological superiority and the holistic technical support in every project phase, are the main ingredients for every new achievement of ALUMIL, that leads to success and enrichment of its wide international projects portfolio.

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