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ALUMIL Academy: Innovative educational programs for Fabricators

ALUMIL Academy officialy started its activities in 2019, having great success and receiving very supportive comments from the construction industry. Through its comprehensive training programs, it helped fabricators to broaden their knowledge, improving their status as professionals.

Based on the supportive feedback from fabricators and having as a mission to develop its partners, ALUMIL Academy has upgraded its training programs. The 3 training paths of the Academy are now:

  1. Technical Support of Fabricators
  2. Training for New Fabricators
  3. Consulting on business development


ALUMIL enriches the educational programs, adding to the existing training path of “Technical Support of Fabricators”, two more paths: “Training for New Fabricators” and “Consulting on business development”. Through these educational programs, ALUMIL aims to provide a complete curriculum, that will cover multiple fields of training and development, depending on the needs of new students, existing fabricators and/or their employees.

ALUMIL’s initiative is a unique project that will contribute to the development of the industry, through the systematic improvement of fabricators’ knowledge and technical skills. One of the Academy’s pillars is the program “Trainign for new Fabricators”. This particular program is designed for young people without any experience, that would like to begin their career in the fabrication of aluminium window systems, or other architectural aluminium systems such as pergolas, fencing systems, railings etc.


The program has a duration of one year and offers “Certification for Fabricators of Aluminium Windows & Doors” by ALUMIL, providing a great opportunity for certified technical training, that opens the door to a career within the company’s extensive network of partners.

The students have access to new technologies and they initially receive education about a wide range of aluminium applications, while at the second part of the program they learn about the advanced window & door systems of ALUMIL. It is a very practical and specialty driven course of studies that aims to prepare successfully the future professional. The graduates have the exclusive privilege to get a certification recognized by the internationally acclaimed British organization TQUK, upgrading their level of education and their career potential.

Moreover, ALUMIL Academy provides an additional program with a duration of 2 months, that gives the chance to graduates to further develop their skills. The program “Certified SUPREME Fabricator” is a specialization that classifies the Academy’s graduates as elite fabricators. All graduates of the main course of studies, have the chance to complete this two-month training, in order to be certified for ALUMIL’s high-end SUPREME aluminium systems. After the successful completion of this program, the trainees get an upgraded certification recognized by TQUK.

The courses include many subjects and training hours, while the classes remain small. The restricted number of students in each class session ensures that ALUMIL’s high quality standards are successfully met.

ALUMIL, striving for excellence and as a pioneer in multiple fields, has the vision to offer its partners all the tools and knowledge, in order to equip them with a skillset for high quality constructions and provide them a holistic platform to develop their company.

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