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August 2019
SMARTIA M7 Structural | Inner Glass Variants
SMARTIA M7 structural system can now offer 3 different variants concerning the inner glass of the IGU. We now have options for 6mmm, 8mm and 12mm width of inner glass.
In order to achieve this, we are using 3 different glass holders:
  • 720-10-968-00 for 6mm inner glass
  • 720-10-969-00 for 8mm inner glass
  • 720-10-970-00 for 12mm inner glass
Renewal of the SMARTIA M12500 PHOS technical catalog
Accessory 311-12-609-00 changed to 311-12-309-03
Accessory 311-12-605-00 changed to 311-12-605-03.
Renewal of the SUPREME SF85 technical catalog
Accessory 470-85-010-00 changed to 470-85-010-33/45.
NEW Fixed Pergola “KOS” | Completely sealed
With a name inspired by the well-known Greek island, the fixed and completely water-sealed pergola "KOS", provides effective shading and weather protection. Read the article and find out all its benefits and additional features.
Top brand in Greece once again
Reliability, quality consistency & corporate responsibility brought us among the top-leading brands in Greece, according to the international organization "SUPERBRANDS". Would you like more details? Read the article.
Crown Sydney | Sydney’s highest building with ALUMIL systems
By 2021 Sydney's tallest building, equipped with our systems, will "decorate" the famous Australian city.
Curtain Wall SMARTIA M7 | Integrated Windows with Certified Performance
If your project requires a combination of high aesthetics and performance, we provide the ideal system. Read about its design flexibility, variety of typologies, the option of structural constructions and the integrated windows with certified performance.
July 2019
ALUMIL’s innovative systems at the project “80 Adams Street’’ in Brooklyn
1.200 custom-made unitized structural windows, incorporating wide glass panes with a surface of around 5 m2 per pane.
SUPREME SD115 Pivot for entrance doors that stand out
The special pivot mechanism has the ability to Integrate carbon fiber on the surface of the door panel.
Advanced PV mounting structures for rooftops by ALUMIL Solar
A PV-project of 600KW and 1.953 photovoltaic panels were installed with a 10-degree inclination at the city Podgorica
Bioclimatic Pergolas: Ultra-modern equipment for unique relaxing moments
Rolling ZIP-screens, hanging shutters of vertical shading, glass sliding system and LED lighting innovative equipment. Our advanced bioclimatic pergolas are an excellent holistic solution for outdoor spaces.
Renewal of the SUPREME S700 technical catalog
The profiles S70826, S70828 added on catalog.
Renewal of the SUPREME SF85 technical catalog
Hinge addition and glazing setting block  added on assembly for accessories chapter  (Pages 198, 217)
Renewal of the FC50 technical catalog

In the renewed Technical Catalogue we added:

  • the new profile M8311 and an accessuary 830-03-311-00
ETAG certification for structural bonding
We have been awarded a new certificate for structural bonding applications, according to ETAG 002-1, a norm which needs to be followed when structural bonding is concerned. This certificate applies to all structural bonding applications, it is irrelevant of the system used, and it is valid for DOW Corning 895 structural silicone applied onto anodized profiles by ALUMIL. For example, if you notice on the first page of the M7 structural certificate from ift Rosenheim, it states the following in the comments section: {SSG-Bonding: For use in Europe a proof of the structures according to the "Guideline for European Technical Approval for Structural Sealant Glazing" ETAG No. 002 is required"} 

This ETAG 002 certificate is a supportive document to the M7 structural certificate and all other structural bonding applications of ALUMIL. What this certificate guarantees, is the adhesion behavior of the silicone component used for the bonding onto ALUMIL anodized profiles.
M8210 glass railing certification at 4000Pa
we have successfully tested our M8210 (infloor embedded profile) glass railing system at a maximum wind load of 4000Pa (83,5psf / 290km/h). The mock up dimensions were 1490mm (width) X 1606mm (height) and the glass used was laminate 10+10 with 4ple membrane without any handrail. The base profile used was M8210 profile. This is a very important certification, because it is based on wind load, a spec which is very often required for projects.
Renewal of the SUPREME S67 technical catalog

In the renewed Technical Catalogue we added:

  • Aller Retour doors (pages: 48, 49)
  • Inward opening without threshold Door typologies (pages: 25, 26, 33, 34)
  • Inward opening hung casement, hidden sash, with threshold typologies (pages: 41, 42, 46, 47)
Renewal of the SUPREME SD115 technical catalog
Correction on code number for the profile on page 32
Renewal of the SMARTIA S440 technical catalog
We corrected in the technical catalog the 180kg sash weight.
Renewal of the M12500 PHOS technical catalog
The one point lock typologies have been removed from the technical catalogue.
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