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La Viennoise

At the heart of Cairo city center, a newly restored building catches the passer-by’s attention. The building’s name is La Viennoise and it is a construction with a long and celebrated history (125 years).  

After its restoration, La Viennoise has breathed new life into the city center, becoming the first historic mix-use building in Cairo to receive the TARSHEED green building certification. Al-Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment is the company that was responsible for the building’s restoration. 

The architectural approach was made with respect to the history of the building. The renovated façade is reminiscent of the previous eclectic style of La Viennoise. All of the old wooden frames were replaced by a modern aluminium system, which provides robustness, security and sound insulation. At the same time, it perfectly matches the elegance of the building,  supporting concealed sash typologies.  

If you want to learn more about SMARTIA M15000, the system used in the La Viennoise project, visit the product’s page and discover its characteristics.  

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