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IPKO Headquarters

In Ulpiana, a historic district of Kosovo, the headquarters building of IPKO Telecommunications exudes confidence through simplicity. The design is a work of Murseli Architects + Partners, who were highly focused on functionality.  

The building is divided into two parallel zones of different widths. One occupies ¼ of the construction volume and is used for the movement within the building, while the other ¾ is occupied by the office areas. 

This duality is also reflected in the materials that are selected. Thus, on the exterior, the building is equipped with wooden cladding, while on the interior we find raw concrete on the area of communications and gypsum on the offices. In addition, the modern curtain wall system provides robustness and high thermal insulation performance, whereas the shading system with elliptical louvers gives the option of controlled shading and natural lighting adjustment. Lastly, the complete aluminium system for atriums enriches the construction and allows the natural lighting to enter unobstructed on the interior.  

If you want to learn more about SMARTIA M6, SMARTIA M5600 and SMARTIA M10800, the ALUMIL systems that were used in the IPKO Headquarters project, visit each product page and find what suits you best. 


Architect: Murseli Architects + Partners

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