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SMARTIA M9300 Shutters

SMARTIA M9300 Shutters


SMARTIA M9300 is a hinged shutter system, which is designed for outdoor installation, either with traditional or minimal design. With vast variety of solutions, suitable for renovations and ideal for traditional settlements or hotel units-bungalows, as it is desirable to keep the traditional style.


  • Vast variety of solution (blinds, 25mm and 35mm sashes, unified or variable frames, complanar or not adjoining profiles)
  • Easy to install, when the frame of the shutters is individual and installed externally without access to the interior room
  • Integration with rotating blinds 25mm and 35mm
  • Various locking mechanism (traditional with rod, automatic, cremone handle)
  • Ability to ventilate while simultaneously shading and maintaining the safety of the space and preserving the visual isolation from the external environment


  • Aluminum TUV Austria OK Recycled


minimal or traditional
shading and security
residences and hotels

Technical Characteristics

flat and curved, fixed and adjustable
25mm and 35mm
separate, unified with window frame
traditional, modern
manual rod, automatic rod, cremone handle

All available typologies

Single sash hinged shutter
Double sash hinged shutter
Three sash hinged shutter
Four sash hinged shutter

FAQs about Rolling Shutters - Shutters

When deciding between a rolling shutter and a shutter, several factors must be considered. Shutter options include hinged or sliding types, with a frame surrounding their slats. Hinged shutters require free space to open while sliding shutters require free wall space for sliding. Rolling shutters, which come in top-mounted or outer box configurations, don't require extra space and are usually operated by a belt. Larger rolling shutters can also be fitted with an electric motor for convenience.

It's important to note that when it comes to safety, shutters have an advantage over rolling shutter boxes due to their more robust frame supporting the slats. However, other considerations, such as space availability and ease of operation, should also be taken into account when making a decision.

When it comes to the security of aluminium shutters, it's important to understand that their primary function is to provide shade, not to act as a security measure. However, they can still slow down a potential break-in attempt. Adding locks or slides to the shading system can also serve as a deterrent.

Maintaining aluminium shutters is relatively easy due to the durability of the material.