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Fast & Accurate Measurement

Smart Gate

Fast & Accurate Measurement
Alumil’s new product protects any crowdy place, social gathering and event places by performing very fast (1 measurement/sec), accurate (± 0,2oC) and contactless temperature measurements of people, in order to prevent from any probable contagion due to a viral infection.


The Smart Gate system performs quick, safe, contactless, and accurate temperature measurements of the people who enter a space with a continuous and fast passthrough rate, without any radiation exposure and with full protection of personal data. Thanks to the speed of measurement, it prevents any queuing at the entrance, that is why it is highly recommended for schools, workplaces (e.g. stores, companies, offices, etc.), entertainment spaces (malls, cafes, restaurants, stadiums etc.), transportation means (e.g. airports, metro stations, ships, trains, etc.) and any other space in which gathering and interaction of people take place, consequently requiring enhanced hygienic protection. 


The accuracy of measurement of only 0,2°C that is achieved is due to the thousands of simultaneous measurements by the 18 sensors of the system. The innovation of Smart Gate lies in its ability to receive in real-time, through multiple mirrors, the infrared radiation that the human body emits, depicting through algorithms the maximum temperature without being affected by the external environment.

Additionally, it can count people’s passthroughs who enter or exit the space, to effectively monitor the permitted total space occupancy.

Supermarket aisle with people walking with shopping carts


  • An immediate measurement that allows people to pass fastly and continuously (60 persons per minute). 
  • High measurement accuracy +/- 0,2°C thanks to the autocalibration of the device with ambient temperature.
  • Hundreds of measurements per person for safer result
  • The device doesn't emit radiation. It passively receives the infrared radiation emitted by the human body, without any physical contact. 
  • High-definition and precision temperature detectors of 18 points into a vertical arrangement. 
  • Download and easily read the measurements without requiring any initial settings. 
  • Ease of installation and movable into space. 
  • Excellent quality and durability for intense long-term use. 
  • Low-cost.

Technical Specifications

  • Contactless measurement with sound and visual alarm 
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 0,2°C 
  • Measuring range up to 1m distance between the person and the product 
  • Low power consumption (<5 Watt) 
  • Ability to export data to PC via RS232
  • Autocalibration for an independent result from the ambient temperature
  • Smart Gate of 2,00m height: Measures people from 1,35m – 2,00m height (Ideal for grown-ups and children over 12 years old)
  • Smart Gate of 1,60m height: Measures people from 0,95m – 1,60m height (Ideal for children of 3 to 12 years old
Hot Gate Πλακέτα

In Comparison with Other Products

FeaturesSmart GateThermal CameraDigital Thermometer
Automatic Measurement-
Private Data Protection-
Passthrough Counter--
Automatic Calibration with Environment Temperature
Required Data Reporting Station--
Measurements / sec
Measurement Accuracy
± 0,2 °C± 0,5 °C± 2 °C

Measurement Distance for
Maximum Accuracy

Measuring Time
1 sec
1 sec3 secs

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