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V-Blocker Protective Partition against COVID-19

V-Blocker Protective Partition against COVID-19


Alumil’s V-Blockers provide the necessary protection from COVID-19 and other viral infections as part of the intended legislation for the safe operation of the stores. Thanks to Alumil’s V-Blockers, you can reduce the distance between the tables, offering safety and maximizing your business profit according to the new circumstances. 


  • Security & protection against the new Coronavirus
  • Easily movable into your space
  • Polymorphic design and robust construction to avoid accidents
  • Excellent quality and durability of materials for intense long-term use
  • Economic construction that fully harmonizes with current health & safety legislation
  • Optimal transparency of the dividing materials offer visibility with other people customers and natural light
  • Elegant design and the possibility of unlimited combinations that update the aesthetics of the space


  • Aluminum TUV Austria OK Recycled


Panel 1.60 x 1.00 m
Possible combination of materials: Polycarbonate sheets, safety glass, aluminum or wooden panels, etc.

FAQs about Partitions

We offer a diverse range of interior partitioning systems, including options for offices, meeting rooms, banquet halls, and more. Our designs are characterized by a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and are available in both standard and slim versions. We offer a variety of typologies, including compatibility with glass panels (single or double), aluminium panels, wood panels, and other customizable options. With our range of design choices, you can create a stylish and functional space that meets your specific needs.

The sound reduction levels that our partitions can achieve depend on various factors, including their design typology, the choice of glazing or panel, and the layout of the room. Our partitions are designed to provide exceptional sound reduction and can achieve values of up to 49dB. 

Our partitions offer a range of customizable options that can be used to achieve any level of privacy desired. We offer a variety of materials, including sandblasted glass, aluminium or wood panels, plastic or polycarbonate panels, and more. Additionally, we offer features like internal lighting and folding blinds between the panes that can further enhance privacy levels. With our range of privacy-enhancing options, you can create a functional and comfortable space for your specific needs.