Aluminium profiles

Traceability & Quality Control


Quality Control

In its effort to provide well-constructed, perfectly functional products, ALUMIL makes sure that it supports each production stage with the most advanced Quality Control methods. Specifically:
  • In each production section, procedures are applied based on the very latest quality certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS).
  • Continuous renewing of measuring instruments and calibration of all control configurations – sensors.
  • Statistical analysis and traceability of data from every quality control point.
  • Quality assurance of alloy – certification of chemical composition.
  • Staffed testing labs (Powder Coating), anodizing and mechanical properties).
  • Our philosophy for providing our customers with optimum solutions, state-of-the art equipment and continuous staff training results in the minimization of errors and technical flaws, as well as the elimination of accidents.

Traceability: Ensuring Quality

The main reason ALUMIL has put such an enormous effort in developing a totally autonomous production plant capable to produce almost everything regarding aluminium, is basically one: TRACEABILITY. 

Thanks to our advanced material handling system and our cutting edge ERP system, we know every aspect of our production process and are able to make continuous improvements.

In addition, we can prevent on time possible problems and adopt an accurate tracking system of any item from the starting point of production or purchase, until the final delivery. In that way we can assure guaranteed quality to our customers, every day
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