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Company Profile

Reliability as Company, as People and Product

The idea of creating an automation company was born in 1988 by a group of engineers that was working for the construction company "Horizon". At that time, Horizon was responsible for the construction of a car control center which had automatic doors for buildings as part of the project specifications. Their increased cost stimulated this group of engineers to manufacture on their own automatic doors for buildings from scratch based on their increased self-confidence and mentality "Yes, we can".

The project was successfully completed, however, the market conditions transformed the initial idea towards the creation of automatic doors for lifts. Hence, in 1995 Metron was established from Mr. Ioannis Sandros in a small town named Nigrita where they were built production facilities less than 500 m2.

In 2000, Mr. George Milonas (president of Alumil Group) decided to invest in Metron's know-how and human capital, therefore, Metron was integrated into Alumil Group with the relative share restructuring.  After the initial investment, Metron moved to the Industrial Area of Serres, where it was equipped with the latest machinery tools.

Product-wise Metron started the production of folding doors, Bus type, a product that gained rapidly big market share in Greece and in Europe, while at the same time gradually Metron expanded its product range with Automatic Doors, Cabins, Semi-Automatic Doors. In 2008, after the successful completion of continuous Metron began designing and Complete Lift Solutions. In 2009, Metron manufactures the first hydraulic system and very quickly traction solutions with or without machine room were also introduced to the arsenal.

The company due to the Greek dynamically the exports in most European countries, in Africa, Latin America, Arabian Gulf etc.  and as a result is now exporting 85% of its total annual sales.

New products and services are being developed and updated continuously every day, always with the same identity elements:

  • Applied Advanced Technology
  • Reliability as people, product
  • Unique Design