AluminIium extruded shapes

Aluminium Extrusions

ALUMIL S.A. was founded in Greece in 1988 and since then operates in more than 60 countries serving both global and local customers.
With 30 years of experience, Alumil established as the biggest aluminum extrusion group in South East Europe. Alumil’s industrial facilities include 11 aluminium extrusion lines from 1350 MT to 4000MT and annual capacity reaches 100.000 tons. The start of extrusion can be nothing but raw material. Different materials are called alloys and consist of different chemical components. Choosing the right alloy is important because it affects many of the aluminium’s characteristics: formability, tensile strength, surface treatment options, machinability, and electric conductivity. The professional skills of our sales department and profile engineers are at your service. Our material range, combined with a suitable temper will give your product the specified properties. Available alloys and tempers are listed below. In addition, we present the mechanical properties of each one determined by EN-755-02. Dimensional tolerances are determined by European norms EN-755-09 and EN-12020 but if you wish we can agree to special tolerances on very important dimensions.
Hollow extruded aluminium profiles

Properties of extruded tempers and alloys