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To support its product requirements, ALUMIL has an advanced custom-product manufacturing unit for the processing and production of aluminium components, with a capacity of 30,000 parts per day. The cutting, drilling, milling, and assembling of complex products are tasks which are performed at speed and with deminsional precision by specialized personnel and the latest equipment. Together with all the above, special mention should also be made of the continuous collaboration with mechanical engineering centers – machine shops, which can provide solutions for constructions with special cross-sections for each profile type.
 Cutting aluminium modern processing technology

Our production plant contains:

  • 15 cutting production lines, 5 of which can achieve angular cutting
  • 22 punching presses with a strength of 30-80 tn
  • Drills, milling machines, threading machines
  • Sandblasting machine for components and stonewashing machine for components
  • 2 full lines for plastic wrapping the products
All lines produce under the survrillance of quality control personel, in order to guarantee the best results.


Apart from the accessories manufacturing unit, there is also a fully equipped department for mechanical metal processing (cutting, drilling, planning, bending) with state-of-the-art CNC machinery as well as a profile bender. This department also allows for the performance of complex machine processing with exceptional precision and high productivity. All the above operate under the ongoing supervision and guidance of the Quality Control Department, guaranteeing that we provide first quality results.