Powder coated profiles to red

Powder Coating

When it comes to powder coating, ALUMIL Group has the largest facilities in Greece and one of the five largest facilities in Europe, regarding surface treatment of architectural and industrial aluminium profiles with an annual production of ca. 10.000 tons of painted profiles. The certifications of QUALICOAT, GSB, Quality Management ISO 9001 and Environmental Management ISO 14001, provide complete quality assurance. Thanks to our strict quality controls, we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Every production line has a completely equipped laboratory in order to meet all international quality specifications as set by QUALICOAT and GSB standards. The quality control process starts with evaluation of the raw materials (powder and chemicals) and continues at production level, with sample evaluation every 20 minutes.

Furthermore, ALUMIL assures for its finished products the highest possible protection against corrosion, with:

  • Enhanced chemical pretreatment process, with an high etching degree equal or higher to 2,0 g/m2, in accordance to QUALICOAT and GSB specifications and as required for sea side class aluminium profiles.
  • Optional Anodic Pretreatment (pre-anodizing) that provides to the painted aluminium profiles complete protection against filiform corrosion, for projects near coastal areas or swimming pools.
  • Automated processing is used with constant online controlling of all the critical parameters concerning chemical pretreatment, painting processes and polymerization, during the whole surface treatment procedure. In that way, consistent quality during the production process is guaranteed.
Moreover, ALUMIL was one of the first industries in Greece which used ecological powder coating products without toxic TGIC. This demonstrates the perpetual effort to provide a safe working environment to our employees and have environmentally friendly production processes. Last but not least, the experienced personnel of ALUMIL's Powder Coating Department, with an experience of 20 years on painting processes and continuous training on all new technologies and methods regarding powder coating, ensures the best handling of each order, top quality and, of course, the satisfaction of our customers.