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SPACES Theanous


How do you imagine an office building? Which are the needs for people that work daily inside an open space environment? Such questions find their answers in an architecturally unique way with SPACES Theanous in Petralona, Athens. 



In a densely populated area, the biggest challenge for a building that is designed to be a place for rental offices , was the creation of spaces that would be constructed in a smart way, in order to minimize the loss of valuable square meters and at the same time would offer a pleasant atmosphere to those that work there. The stakes were high for barespace, the architectural office responsible for the research and design of this new project, which should create a building -  statement inside the urban environment. 

The building’s past is industrial, as it was used as a factory for athletic shoes. The contemporary design connects past and present, enhancing modern aesthetics that serve the needs of its offices, coworking spaces and meeting rooms. Barespace’s vision was also to maintain the large openings, thus the use of industrial look aluminium frames that resemble the steel frames of the past, is in line with the designing proposal. The same happened with the façade, by preserving the initial industrial look, while cladding process helped to achieve higher thermal insulation levels. 

The interior’s style is minimal and natural light spreads everywhere. The large visible ventilation pipes remind us the industrial past and provide a modern element. The walls are mainly white with olive color notes, while in the shared spaces we find wooden surfaces. 

SPACES Theanous is a contemporary project that at its heart is totally anthropocentric. The large spaces, natural light and industrial aesthetics, are its main features, that go hand in hand with the architectural trends of the modern world, but also connect it with its past. 


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Lower Petralona
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Metaloumin Group S.A. , Αλέξανδρος Φιλιππόπουλος ΑΒΕΕ.