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Penthouse in Marousi


A ‘90s building in the north of Athens, a top floor apartment and the need for a full makeover, constitute the basic “ingredients” for this architectural “recipe” that Eleftherios Ambatzis should create.


Everything here begin from the incredible Athenian sunlight, so the challenge was for it to spread through the whole house. The main change was the connection between rooms. The old design divided the house in many rooms, while the new one promoted the internal unity that creates a “dialog” between spaces (living-room, dining table and kitchen are unified- the kitchen counter is in the spotlight). Additionally, many internal walls were demolished and as a result the natural light could enter unobstructed.

The remarkable wooden floor throughout the whole residence creates a sense of coziness. The statement – furniture (some of them designed by the architect) enhance the continuity inside the house: the bronze chandelier, the big  glass sphere inside the copper dome of the living – room and the round table placed in front of the hearth, everything supports the idea of relaxation and calmness. Lastly,  a special characteristic of this house is its unparalleled view of Penteli and Ymittos mountains. The architectural design took this feature and highlighted it, using large openings, which are equipped with minimal sliding balcony doors. Every house room has one or more doors that give access to the balcony. Furthermore, mirrors inside the house create a great atmosphere, transferring the outside view into the interior through reflection.

This residence, located in the northern suburbs of Attica, proves that with clever design and minimalistic approach, a house could be more functional and uniquely attractive.

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