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Arma Kule


With just a few years of presence in the bustling Çukurambar district of Ankara, the two identical glass towers look as if they have been there for many years. Fully integrated into their surrounding urban character and the contemporary rhythm of the capital, they serve a highly demanding audience that seeks luxury and high quality.


Offices, shops and residencies "harmoniously" coexist in an environment that strives to bring about its green character in every possible way. A new and innovative project which differentiates itself from the suffocating city which surrounds it. The large verandas ensure natural ventilation, while large glass surfaces allow the creation of unobstructed view as well as a unification of external and internal space, creating a sense of freedom. This notion of freedom is amplified by the development of extroverted uses such as cafes and restaurants in the green spaces above the shops at the ground level. Finally, the clear influence of neighboring buildings, defined the outer face made up of stone. Finally, the stone façade of the building constitutes a tribute to its surrounding building aiming to contribute to the creation of a distinct unified character.

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