Conveyor with aluminum profiles

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Aluminum lines on a conveyor belt in a factory. on a conveyor belt in a factory.


1 Extrusion press
  • Annual production capacity 10,000 Tons
  • 1.500 Dies
  • Extrusion according to European Standards EN
  • Heat Treatment according to European Standards

Powder coating

1 Powder coating plant

  • Annual production capacity 10,000 Tons
  • RAL Chart
  • Textured - Metallic
  • Antibacterial - Special

Quality certificates:

  • Qualicoat
  • GSB
  • Seaside Class

Maximum profile length: 7 meters

ALUMIL's powder coating is guaranteed with the maximum European quality seals such as QUALICOAT, GSB & SEA-SIDE, that certificate and assure the quality of the whole process. Moreover, Alumil production lines run a green management system that eliminates toxic substances (powders, chemicals) and reduce of water consumption, being fully consistent with current environmental legislation.

Worker controls the process
Aluminum lines stock rack in a factory


1 Anodizing Plant
  • Annual production capacity 5,600 Tns
  • 27 color and texture options
  • Maximum profile length: 7,4 meters
Quality certificates:
  • Qualanod
Complied with the requirements of:
  • ISO 9001:2008

Assembly of Thermal Break Profiles

2 Profile Assembling Machines
  • Annual production capacity 3,000 Tons