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8th of March 2023: International Women's Day

For all of us at ALUMIL, gender equality is granted and put into practice every day through: 

  • Equal access to all job positions, including leadership roles. 

  • Equal pay. 

  • Equal opportunities for personal and professional development. 

As in all areas, in the field of gender equality, we look beyond the obvious and take a step forward. Because equal does not mean the same. Each person has a different background, different knowledge, skills and experiences, and different needs. At ALUMIL, we embrace this diversity. Equality for us means giving every individual the resources and opportunities they really need to develop and contribute, in their own distinctive way, to the growth of our company.  

All this can be summed up in two words or one hashtag. #EmbraceEquity. This is the central theme of this year's International Women's Day, which focuses on how important it is for equality to be truly inclusive.  

Happy Women’s Day to all the unique women of ALUMIL. 

May this day be a huge hug to hold this uniqueness!

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