Alumil India
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Corporate profile

At ALUMIL we are building excellence every day.

Through our modern production facilities and strict quality controls along the entire production line, we ensure the creation of superior products of high added value. Our continuous research and development leads to offering unique solutions with many innovative features, which totally meet the needs of our customers.

With more than 30 years of experience and 2.200 employees, in the design and production of architectural aluminium systems, we are one of the most advanced companies globally owning state-of-the art production lines in our 12 factories in Europe.


Production Plants

We love what we do and that is why we want to be excellent in every aspect of it. As of today, ALUMIL has 12 factories in 6 countries. To get an idea of our immense vertical integration, consider that our industrial facilities include: 

  • 11 aluminium extrusion lines with a capacity of 100.000 tns. 
  • 8 powder coating lines (7 horizontal, 1 vertical). 
  • 3 sublimation lines for wood imitation and special effect colors. 
  • 3 anodizing plants. 
  • 2 foundry for aluminium billet production with a capacity of 80.000 tns.
  • 8 thermal break assembly lines. 
  • 1 manufacturing plant for roll-formed aluminium-foam filled profiles. 
  • 3 manufacturing plants for production, processing and assembling of accessories.
  • 1 manufacturing plant for polycarbonate sheets

Capable of everything

In ALUMIL's industrial sites are operating:

  • Multiple CNC lines, bending machines, cutting saws, drilling machines. 
  • Accessories assembling lines. 
  • Automated packaging lines. 
  • Polyamide & PVC extrusion lines. 
  • Solar truss assembly line. 
  • Polishing machines & sand blast lines. 
  • Sound wall machines. 
  • Windows & doors fabrication unit.

Product Range

The world is changing rapidly and new demands are born every day. Modern buildings require the design and construction of fenestration systems with high standards. By focusing always on the specifications and the requirements of the most advanced markets worldwide, ALUMIL has created a product portfolio which incorporates innovative products and responds perfectly to the modern building needs.

The needs of our customers are quite wide, and so is our product portfolio. Each of our products was designed with one think in mind: How to offer the best possible solution and maximize the value for our customers.

  1. Hinged window & door systems
  2. Sliding window & door systems
  3. Shutter & Rolling shutter systems
  4. Bi-Folding door systems
  5. Entrance doors
  6. Fire Resistant & Heavy duty doors
  7. Curtain Wall & Façade systems
  8. Office partition systems
  9. Solar shading systems
  10. Cladding systems
  11. Atrium & Conservatory systems
  12. Customized fenestration systems
  13. Polycarbonate sheets
  14. Railing systems
  15. Pergola systems
  16. Decking systems
  17. Elevators
  18. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) systems.
  19. Photovoltaic mounting systems
  20. Noise barriers