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November 2023
Loop 60: The first certified recycled aluminium in Greece for architectural system profiles
Our company's dedication to long-term sustainability has given rise to Loop 60, the first certified recycled aluminium in Greece for architectural system profiles. Learn more about how Loop 60 champions environmental protection and explore the benefits of opting for recycled aluminium systems.
September 2023
ALUMIL Family Day: A heartwarming celebration of our extended family
On the 24th of September, we hosted a distinctive event dedicated to our employees' families. Our goal was to cultivate a spirit of togetherness, emphasise the importance of balancing work and family life, and recognise the remarkable dedication and contributions of 125 Alumilers who have been with our company for many years.
August 2023
LEED: Our systems are aligned with environmentally friendly construction
ALUMIL's certified aluminium systems can meet the demands of large-scale projects that require LEED certification for green buildings.
Celebrating World Mosquito Day: Embracing insect protection with Integrated Flyscreen IFS
On August 20th, the world observes a day of crucial importance: World Mosquito Day. World Mosquito Day signifies the anniversary of the revelation that mosquitos are carriers of the malaria-causing parasite.
Confronting marine pollution: Practical steps to take
Today, we're grappling with a significant environmental challenge: marine pollution. Our actions, driven by human activity, generate vast amounts of waste that harm the oceans and their precious ecosystems. Each year, billions of tonnes of garbage and pollutants are dumped into our seas, posing a severe threat.
June 2023
ALUMIL LEAD Program: Empowering Future Leaders Through Education
In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, investing in the continuous education and development of employees is not only a strategic advantage but also an essential element of corporate responsibility.
Introducing the new Integrated Flyscreen IFS: Designed for modern living
The new horizontal motion roller flyscreen is the latest addition to our portfolio of complementary systems for windows and doors. The IFS is an innovative solution designed to seamlessly integrate into various minimal sliding systems, including SUPREME S650 PHOS and SMARTIA M630 PHOS, offering a host of benefits for both residential and commercial properties.
World Blood Donor Day: Give blood, share life
World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14th in honour of the birthday of Dr Karl Landsteiner, the Austrian doctor credited with systematizing blood groups. Since 2005, this significant day has been established by the World Health Organization and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
George Milonas received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Macedonia
On Wednesday, May 31st, in an emotional afternoon, Mr. George Milonas, President & CEO of ALUMIL Group, surrounded by family, colleagues, and friends, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Business Administration, School of Business Administration, University of Macedonia.
May 2023
Sustainable Excellence: Leading the way as an "OK Recycled" certified company, producing architectural systems with 60% recycled aluminium!
Discover our commitment to sustainability as one of the world's few "OK Recycled" certified companies. With pride, we produce architectural systems using 60% recycled aluminium, reducing our environmental impact and promoting a greener future.
SUPREME S650 e-MOTION: New innovative mechanism
SUPREME S650 e-MOTION, the automated version of SUPREME S650 PHOS, now has a new mechanism that will replace the old one.
Food Waste: Impacts on sustainability and how we can take action.
In continuation of our previous article about the issue of plastic pollution and ways to contribute towards its solution, we are now shedding light on another significant problem of our time that affects millions of people worldwide: food waste.
BAU 2023: Dominant presence by ALUMIL
ALUMIL's international impact was clearly demonstrated at the recent BAU 2023 fair in Munich, which took place from 17-22 April. This year's participation - the 13th in a row - marked the company's uninterrupted presence at the prestigious event over a time span of 26 years.
Plastic pollution: Let's be part of the solution.
Following our article on the changes taking place in the Arctic, their consequences around the world and the ways we can contribute to tackling the climate crisis, we continue our efforts to raise awareness of the most critical environmental challenges of our time, focusing on plastic pollution.
April 2023
Silence is Golden: Why International Noise Awareness Day Matters
Since 1996, the last Wednesday in April has been recognized worldwide as International Noise Awareness Day. This annual event was established by the Center for Acoustics and Communication to bring attention to the harmful effects of noise on our hearing, health, and quality of life.
Earth Day 2023: Tips for saving energy at home
Every year on April 22, people around the world come together to celebrate Earth Day - an annual event aimed at raising awareness about the environmental issues we face and promoting sustainable practices to protect our planet.
Visit of Mediterranean College students to our facilities in Kilkis
In the context of our cooperation with Mediterranean College, which aims to enhance the competitiveness and employability of the College's graduates, students at the School of Engineering made on Tuesday, 4/4, an educational visit to our production facilities in the industrial area of Kilkis.
ALUMIL is among "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023" for the third consecutive year!
For the third consecutive year, ALUMIL is on "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023" list as one of the 35 leading companies that create the Charter of Sustainable Development and Responsible Entrepreneurship in Greece.
March 2023
18 March, World Recycling Day: Recycling today for a better tomorrow
World Recycling Day, established in 2018, is celebrated every year on 18 March in more than 175 countries worldwide, aiming to raise awareness among citizens, companies and governments.
Impressive new gate solution for SMARTIA FC80 fencing system
SMARTIA FC80 is ALUMIL's top fencing system, which is characterized by the wide range of decorative materials it can support and stands out for its robustness, as well as the variety of technical solutions it offers.