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ALUMIL Academy transforms into Architectural Aluminium Academy

ALUMIL’s successful school transforms into a new organization for the aluminium fabrication field and partners with two leading technology companies and two of the most acclaimed universities in Greece.

An Academy that raised the bar

From the very beginning, ALUMIL’s school for the aluminium construction industry set no limits to its goals. Thus, it created 2 schools, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki. ALUMIL Academy aimed to enhance the theoretical and technical knowledge of the people that work in the field, in order to provide a higher level of services and products to the end-user. At the same time, by creating an annual 600-hours educational program, the Academy gave young people the chance to make their first step in their careers. The first course of studies was concluded successfully and the graduates completed the program, having taken part in a series of theoretical and practical seminars, which introduced them to the world of aluminium systems’ construction and installation.

The new organization

Academy’s evolution comes as a natural continuation not only of its success but also its wide acceptance from the fabricators. This year, ALUMIL Academy becomes Architectural Aluminium Academy. Crucial parts of this new organization are the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia, as well as the two top technology companies. It is essentially an Innovation & Skills Development Center which will significantly upgrade the level of education in the industry, while at the same time it will go beyond that, to the field of research, producing primary knowledge with the ambition to help aluminium sector to work more efficiently. The organization’s main objectives are: 

  • Reinforcing educational and training programs of both new and existing aluminium fabricators, with the design and implementation of a dynamic framework to grow their skills.
  • Nurturing a culture of healthy entrepreneurship through seminars for young professionals and consultancy for companies in aluminium industry.
  • Establishing a strong innovation hub in Greece.

Architectural Aluminium Academy is an organization that was created to open new horizons in knowledge and research.  For ALUMIL, construction excellence is a prerequisite for the vision of improving people’s lives. Therefore, Architectural Aluminium Academy uses this vision as a driving force to a new era of innovation and high-quality products, with people and their development at the heart of any strategy.

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