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Discover the new advanced sliding system SMARTIA M14600

SMARTIA M14600 belongs to the new generation of ALUMIL’s brilliant sliding systems, ideal for private homes and renovations, as well as hotel facilities. The minimal lines with narrow interlock of just 23mm for multi-sash parallel sliding typologies and with just 62mm of visible aluminum for meeting stile typologies, make it one of the most appealing options for sliding doors & windows. In addition, the system is suitable for very wide openings with weight up to 200 Kg per sash. Besides elegant, SMARTIA M14600 is also characterized for its very high static performance. The system has been certified for a wind load resistance of 4125 Pa, an enormous level, which means resistance even at speeds of up to 288 Km/h, i.e. speeds higher than hurricane category 5, such as the hurricane Katrina! The thermal insulation levels of the SMARTIA M14600, which is a a non-insulated system, varies depending on the glass panel type, ranging from Uw = 2.3 W/m2K to Uw = 3.1 W/m2K. Last but not least, the system has been certified by the world-renowned institute IFT Rosenheim, according to the European Standards (EN), the Australian Standards (AS) and the strict American standards (AAMA), achieving outstanding performance for air permeability, watertightness and of course, as mentioned above, for wind load resistance.
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