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Shining Among the Best: SMARTIA P150 Urban Partition Recognized by Archello

Archello, the international platform connecting architects and designers with innovative products, has honoured our SMARTIA P150 Urban partition! The product was selected as one of the top 25 interior glazed partition systems, underscoring its groundbreaking design and functionality.   

Our commitment to revolutionising interior spaces is evident in the product’s innovative features and versatile applications. The partition's sleek design and modular construction make it a standout choice for architects and designers seeking to optimise space utilisation and enhance collaboration in various settings. 

The Power of Innovation 

SMARTIA P150 Urban boasts a unique "steel look" and comprises single glass panels firmly fixed on a multi-levelled aluminium framework. This design adds a touch of modern sophistication and creates an open and airy atmosphere, fostering connectivity and productivity in corporate offices, educational institutions, and beyond. 

Functionality Meets Performance 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, SMARTIA P150 Urban prioritises performance and functionality. The system incorporates advanced insulation materials, ensuring optimal sound control and privacy within interior environments. This enables individuals to work, collaborate, or relax without disturbances, enhancing overall comfort and productivity. 

Seamless Integration, Effortless Installation 

One of the product’s key strengths is its modular design, which allows seamless integration with existing structures and enables architects and designers to create fluid spatial configurations. Moreover, installation is efficient and straightforward, thanks to the system's pre-engineered components and compatibility with standard construction practices. 

A Testament to Excellence 

Being recognised by Archello as one of the top 25 interior glazed partition wall manufacturers is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation. As architects and designers continue to seek cutting-edge solutions to shape the built environment, SMARTIA P150 remains a shining example of ingenuity and versatility in interior design. 

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