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S650 | an excellent sliding window

Relax with ALUMIL’s aluminium systems!

In ALUMIL we are used to let our products “talk”, proving their quality through excellent performance. ALUMIL’s architectural aluminium systems for windows and doors are always certified for their advanced features. Thus, ALUMIL is the first Greek company in aluminium systems industry that has its own internationally recognized test center, which is in close cooperation with the acclaimed German certifications Institute, ift Rosenheim

Weather Protection

ALUMIL’s aluminium frames are perfect for every kind of weather, ensuring ideal living conditions inside your residence:

  • Thermal Insulation | Stable temperature all year round, due to the great thermal transmittance levels (low Uw).
  • Waterproofing | Sealed construction and water ingress prevention
  • Air permeability | Prevention of air infiltrating the interior, thanks to multiple insulating rubbers that seal the frame.
  • Resistance to wind-load | Durability and stability even under extreme conditions (e.g. hurricane) and against heavy wind load that hits the frame.
Weather Phenomenon
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Long lasting material

Frames for windows and doors are in the category of products that a person purchases once or twice in his/her lifetime. Thus, it is really important these frames to be durable against the damage that time could cause.

  • Aluminium is a significantly robust material. It shows excellent resilience against corrosion and it needs minimum maintenance.
  • The certified ALUMIL accessories that we use in our frames (hinges, handles, mechanisms, insulation rubbers e.t.c.) are equally durable, reinforcing the total performance over time.
  • The surface coating and the anodization process that take place in our certified facilities, fortifiy the frame and protect it from corrosion and sunlight exposure.

Sound reduction

Noise pollution is scientifically proven as harmful for our health. Enjoy quiet time at home, using ALUMIL frames.

  • The certified ALUMIL frames provide high levels of sound reduction and improve the quality of daily life.
  • The sound reduction indicator is measured in dB (decibel) and the higher this indicator is, the better the sound reduction of the frame.
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Burglary resistance

The sense of safety is one of the most important values for a house. The reinforced security against uninvited “visitors” is a requirement in the process of selecting a frame system.

  • High levels of burglary resistance, that act as a deterrent for every potential intruder
  • Certified burglary resistance based on RC scale, offering high security levels against the usual burglary practices

Find the best frames for your home

The purchase of frames is one of the biggest home investments, but at the same time there are many factors on the selection process. We are here to make this process easier.