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September 2021
During the first half of 2021, despite the precarious business environment which is constantly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company and the Group recorded a significant increase in turnover and operating profits (EBITDA), as well as a significant increase in net profits.
July 2021
ALUMIL shines at the “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2021” awards
ALUMIL’s motto “building excellence every day”, characterizes every aspect of the company’s activities. Recently the company received special recognition at the event of “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2021”!
Archiclub: ALUMIL in an innovative showroom for architects in Kyiv
The Archiclub is a new showroom that was recently inaugurated in the center of Kyiv, on a busy boulevard. This is an exhibition - coworking space, created to meet the modern needs of architects, providing personalized solutions and high quality products for their projects.
SUPREME S650 e-Motion: Innovation in motion!
SUPREME S650 e-Motion is ideal for covering wide spans, as it provides robustness and wide, uninterrupted view.
Foundry Quarter: Reading welcomes ALUMIL’s SUPREME systems!
Almost 70 kilometers west of London, Reading is a city with a population of more than 300 thousand people, which keeps growing each year. The city’s thriving reputation as a business hub has attracted new corporations and entrepreneurs. As a result, housing remains a significant issue that needs certain solutions.
Stock market index ESG: ALUMIL among the 35 listed companies that meet the criteria of sustainable development
On 2nd August 2021, the new sustainability index of the Athens Stock Exchange came into force. This is the Athex ESG, which will monitor the performance of companies regarding the environment, social activities and corporate governance.
June 2021
“BRAVO Awards”: ALUMIL receives award for its corporate governance
In ALUMIL, the pursuit of excellence is not just about perfection in construction, but it affects every aspect of the corporate activity, whether it has to do with internal operations or with external collaborations.
SMARTIA Barcode Cladding: Wall cladding redefined!
A building’s façade always “sends” the first message to a visitor regarding its aesthetics. A high-standards façade attracts the attention and reinforces the whole construction both in design and performance.
Olympic Resort: ALUMIL leaves its mark in Limassol!
On the south side of Cyprus, there is a city that combines several opposite elements, but mixes them in perfect harmony! Limassol, which is the second largest city of the island, is famous for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and its spectacular and vivid nightlife. In addition, it has one of the largest ports in southeast Mediterranean and has become a very attractive destination for both visitors and entrepreneurs.
Diamonds of Greek Economy: ALUMIL among the top companies of the country
ALUMIL’s “building excellence every day” motto is well known and respected in its industry. Recently, this “pursuit” of excellence was recognized by an established institution called “Diamonds of Greek Economy” and the company was invited to its annual forum regarding corporate innovation and growth.
May 2021
SMARTIA M9660 PHOS: ALUMIL’s new system for exceptional minimal casement windows
SMARTIA M9660 PHOS is a modern solution for projects with diverse needs. It is a value-for-money casement system that combines high quality, impressive design in line with the contemporary architectural trends, and most notably a competitive price making the planning of each project an easier task!
AlumilCal Tips n’ Tricks: We broaden the knowledge of our partners
What is “AlumilCal Tips n’ Tricks”? It is a series of seven webinars and their topic is ALUMIL’s advanced software AlumilCal, which is specially designed for processing, production and costing of frames.
1770 Pendrell: ALUMIL supports the creation of sustainable buildings in Vancouver
Vancouver is one of the most popular cities at the west coastal side of Canada. The city ranks internationally at the top positions of places with excellent living conditions. During the last decade it has promoted a modern urban planning initiative called “Vancouverism”.
ALUMIL Green Ambassadors in action!
The gradual lifting of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions gave the chance to the Green Ambassadors - ALUMIL’s voluntary group – to take action and prepare their first external activity!
April 2021
National Rugby Stadium in Bucharest: Our systems equip the “house” of the popular sport
Bucharest is a city with intense character and youthful vibe. The Romanian capital is the cultural and economic center of the country. Another points of reference for the city are of course the various sports. Football is the most popular, but there is also a sport that seems to be loved throughout the country and particularly in Bucharest: rugby!
ALUMIL Showrooms: A superior experience for every visitor
In ALUMIL we fully understand the significance of helping our customers to try & use the products we develop, before their final decision about what to choose. Therefore, we have created exhibition spaces that can provide a unique experience to each of our visitors.
ROX Brighton: ALUMIL at the heart of the modern way of living
The last decades the world we live in has been transformed into a fast-paced environment. Two central characteristics of our world today are the restricted free time and the plenty of hours we spend on our daily urban commuting. ROX Brighton constitutes an alternative residency solution, that aims to reconstruct our beliefs about the daily life in big cities.
SMARTIA M35: The new minimal curtain wall system with exceptional performance!
The modern architectural trends promote minimal lines, simplicity, natural light in the interior and high-performance levels that enhance sustainability. SMARTIA M35 is a contemporary curtain wall system which combines all the above, providing extended options for various projects.
March 2021
ALUMIL Webinars: Improvement through knowledge sharing
This year we have all realized that the complications of the coronavirus pandemic will keep affecting our daily lives for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has caused many changes to the working environment and prompted companies to discover smart and imaginative methods in order to enhance the communication with their employees and partners.