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30 Years of History

When Mylonas family founded the company in 1988, it promised to offer advanced aluminium architectural systems. 30 years later, ALUMIL has become a part of millions of households that use its products daily. Products that offer light, security and warmth in every Greek and worldwide location. But how did ALUMIL, from a small company of 27 people, transform into what it is today?
1988-1999: The first ambitious steps


A small family company is founded by the Mylonas family at the Industrial Area of Kilkis, with 27 employees. The primary objective of all the companies in the aluminium industry till then was to manufacture the lightest structures they can by the lowest cost.


ALUMIL starts an ambitious project to create a fully integrated production of high standards. The first investments refer to an electrostatic paint unit and a unit for connecting thermal insulation profiles.


It develops innovative thermal insulation systems, that makes it the leading company in Greece that provides advanced thermal insulation solutions


The R & D department is founded, with the main objective of developing innovative architectural systems ready to fulfill every market need.


The first decade is coming to an end. Within these last ten years, the company was developed at an impressive pace, having under its umbrella 15 subsidiaries in Greece and abroad.

2000-2009: "Valentino of Aluminium"

High aesthetics and thermal insulation in the foreground


The company takes the first certifications in its thermal insulation systems from the worldwide known German ift Rosenheim Certification Institute.


As very large investments have been made throughout the 1990s, the new millennium starts for the company with impressive production capabilities and the largest production capacity in Greece and in South Europe.


The European Union, with Directive 2002/91 on the Energy Performance of Buildings, contributes to the consolidation of thermal insulation systems in the market.


It is the 4th time that ALUMIL is been awarded "Europe's GrowthPlus Top 500" for its contribution to the growth of the European economy.


Two new industrial complexes are established in Serbia and Albania.


The collaboration with the well-known Porsche Design Company begins in order to produce high aesthetics products. In the same year, ALUMIL is been awarded for the best kiosk in “MADE” exhibition in Milan. The chairman of the Italian Aluminium Association at the award ceremony calls ALUMIL’s President, Mr. George Milonas, "Valentino of Aluminium", due to the high product design.


The environmental program "Green ALUMIL" is being implemented for the protection of the environment. Expansion to international markets keep going and in the same year, the Middle East, Africa, Western Europe & the US markets introduce ALUMIL through impressive projects.


An investment of EUR 15 million is made for the installation of the most up-to-date anodizing unit (profiles in metallic colors) in Europe. At the same time, the establishment of two new subsidiaries in the US and UAE highlights that the second decade comes to a dynamic end.

2009-2019: Opening Sails for International Markets


The aluminium industry is facing a severe recession. Despite the Greek economic crisis, ALUMIL keeps investing and intensifying the efforts to be established abroad.


Two new subsidiaries are established in Kosovo and Russia


The high-end SUPREME brand is created with unbeatable architectural systems. In the same year, the SUPREME network of manufacturers is being created, consisting of certified aluminium manufacturers with very high technical knowledge. Two new subsidiaries are established in Kenya and Croatia.


ALUMIL receives the "Industrial Excellence Award" in the "Made in Greece Awards" competition and the "Technological Excellence Award" in the "Greek Value" competition. In addition, two new subsidiaries are established in Australia and India, and the subsidiary of Egypt is reorganized with improved facilities.


The rebranding of the company is done and the categorization of all architectural systems in three sub-brands is completed: SUPREME, SMARTIA, COMFORT. Exports are exceeded 80% of the total turnover.


Implementation of pioneering methods in the production process, respecting the environment, following the principles of the circular economy. The primary objective is to further improve quality while maximizing productivity. ALUMIL incorporates state of the art 3D printers to design innovative products.


30 years full of pioneering. The company is 30 years old and continues its dynamic course, with new innovations such as the unique WOODALUX product or the SMARTIA M630 PHOS minimal sliding system. The next few years will be equally exciting, with many new challenges in international markets. The ALUMIL family of 27 people now counts more than 2,200 people worldwide and is constantly growing.