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March 2021
ALUMIL Webinars: Improvement through knowledge sharing
This year we have all realized that the complications of the coronavirus pandemic will keep affecting our daily lives for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has caused many changes to the working environment and prompted companies to discover smart and imaginative methods in order to enhance the communication with their employees and partners.
SMARTIA S350 LT: New version with advanced typologies that meet every need
The thermally insulated sliding system SMARTIA S350 is well known for its straight, minimal lines and flexibility regarding its fabrication and installation process. This advanced system by ALUMIL provides now three (3) new typologies through its new version SMARTIA S350 LT.
National Gallery of Greece: ALUMIL participates in the impressive expansion
The “National Gallery of Greece” is a landmark in the modern history of the country and a significant cultural organization that promotes Greek art for more than a century. We are proud that ALUMIL provided high quality aluminium systems and contributed to its renovation and expansion.
February 2021
The spectacular Orbi Twin Towers project in Batumi chooses ALUMIL
One of the most ambitious projects over the last decades in Batumi is the “Orbi Twin Towers”. Two identical skyscrapers of 160 meters each, have become the focal point in Khimshiashvili avenue. Each of the two spectacular buildings consists of 45 stories, constituting one of the biggest hotel complexes in the world. The two towers have in total 5.000 rooms and apartments and the living experience is enriched by retail shops, restaurants, cafes, impressive swimming pools and spa centers.
Discover ALUMIL’s new outstanding fencing systems!
The 3 new fencing systems of ALUMIL stand out for their robustness, the wide range of technical solutions and their high customization level, providing always a unique, tailor-made result. The combination of exceptional quality, along with rich customization options according to the requirements of each project, is a core value for every product that our company develops.
A global architecture celebration – “ArXellence 2” Awards Ceremony
“ArXellence 2” is the international architecture ideas competition by ALUMIL, which was endorsed by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and was carried out in close cooperation with UIA’s International Competitions Commission (ICC Council), implementing UNESCO’s international standards. The competition, after completing every stage (from the vision and call for submissions to the final entries and their evaluation), was successfully concluded with a high-quality online Awards Ceremony.
ALUMIL receives the highest quality seal for Coating Treatments
Our company becomes the first industry in Greece with Premium Coater & Sea Proof Plus certification in aluminum architectural systems by GSB International.
ArXellence 2 | Online Awards Ceremony
The online Awards Ceremony will take place on February 23rd, 2021. The awards ceremony is a key element to the overall success of the "Arxellence 2" competition, since it provides the opportunity to the audience to meet the teams behind such interesting projects, in order to understand their vision.
January 2021
ALUMIL’s top 12 activities in 2020
The international presence of our company was enhanced, while the development of high-quality products remained the spearhead of our activities.
December 2020
Investing in recycling for an eco-friendly future
Alumil invested 2.8m euros in a new aluminium scrap separation unit which was recently created in our facilities in Greece. The separation process includes mechanic, magnetic and X-ray technology.
SMARTIA M78: Discover the new system for advanced unitized curtain walls
In the modern building industry “time is money”. Therefore, construction projects should meet the deadlines while staying within the planned budget. ALUMIL’s SMARTIA M78 is a unitized curtain wall system that can contribute to the achievement of both aforementioned goals, as it is a cost-effective solution that combines quality and ease of fabrication.
The Scape in Brighton: ALUMIL embraces the future in student housing
Over the last decades, a large number of young people move around Europe searching for the best university in the field of their preference. As a result, the search for modern accommodation that can meet the needs of every student completing his/her daily life experience has become more important than ever.
ALUMIL Smart Gate at the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus
ALUMIL Smart Gate, the advanced device for contactless temperature measurement, is being installed at an increasing number of buildings around the world, providing highly accurate results and functioning as a preventive measure.
ALUMIL among the 25 top companies with best Sustainability practices in Greece
On December 7th, Sustainable Greece 2020 virtual event was held. QualityNet Foundation received a large number of corporate portfolios and announced the 25 elite companies that meet the sustainability standards.
November 2020
SMARTIA S67 URBAN: Industrial aesthetics and top performance!
The Industrial look has resurfaced as an architectural style, indicating a new direction in the construction industry. The number of buildings that follow this design approach is increasing worldwide. ALUMIL’s new hinged system, SMARTIA S67 URBAN, combines industrial look and high levels of performance.
Belgrade Waterfront: ALUMIL participates in the ambitious urban revitalization project
Vista & Parkview, the two multi-story towers, have been constructed and are available for business and residential use. Only 2 kms from the historical center and the Kalemegdan park, the two skyscrapers are in the middle of various urban and cultural activities.
ArXellence 2: The results of ALUMIL’s international architectural competition
“ArXellence 2”, ALUMIL’s international architectural competition, was successfully completed on Saturday, November 21st, with the announcement of the 6 prizes and 4 honorable mentions.
SMARTIA M8200 – New wind load resistance certification
ALUMIL’s SMARTIA M8200 is a vertical glass support system, designed for the construction of glass railings. All series’ solutions stand out for their modern aesthetics and extreme robustness.
ALUMIL Smart Gate was installed at the Greek Parliament House
During this challenging period, at a critical point of the COVID-19 pandemic, ALUMIL develops products that contribute to the decrease of coronavirus transmission. ALUMIL Smart Gate, the advanced device for contactless and highly accurate temperature measurement, is the flagship of the company’s products against the virus.
ALUMIL gets more Green!
We created ALUMIL Green Ambassadors, a team of employees with mission to protect the environment and raise awareness about green and ecological issues.