Alumil International
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Vision, mission & values


In a constantly evolving global environment, it is important to be always aware of who we are, what we do and where we want to go. Our “Ithaka” is called “Building excellence” and we are trying hard to make every day one step closer to it.



Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by enhancing the performance of their buildings, with products of the highest quality, technology and aesthetics. We offer to our customers products that provide:

  • High aesthetic results in accordance with the latest architectural trends. 
  • Energy efficiency through advanced thermal insulated aluminium systems and shading systems. 
  • High security level against burglaries, vandalism, fire, smoke & earthquakes. 
    Protection even in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Various solutions for people with special needs. 
  • Renewable energy solutions through integration of photo-voltaic systems into building cells.


Our vision is to be a leading company in developing and producing aluminium systems for architectural applications. 


Our values are the essence of our overall business philosophy and reflect the way we approach our customers and stakeholders.

  • Integrity: Our actions are characterized by openness, honesty and consistency. We honor the commitments and keep our promises. We conduct our business activities honestly and impartially, without being influenced by external factors or by personal sympathies and estimates.
  • Team Spirit: We establish open and positive relationships in order to promote cooperation and achieve better results. We believe that the results of the team are always bigger than the individual results of people who compose it. We encourage and we use interactive communication and constructive dialogue.
  • Initiative: We make use of every resource, be it human or not, aiming for continuous personal and corporal progress, which results from the ideas of all.
  • Loyalty: The company and its employees show loyalty to the client, as well as to each other.
  • Meraki: Meraki is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or passion - when you put ''something of yourself'' into what you are doing.
  • Responsibility: We approach our corporate mission responsibly, focusing on sustainability and improvement of our customers' quality of life.